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Electrospinning Company

February 3, 2014

The Electrospinning Company is Industrial Process News’ Company of the Month

The Electrospinning Company has been chosen as industrial process news' company of the month in January 2014, following the launch...
pharmacuetical business review
February 2, 2014

Medicyte GmbH to Distribute Mimetix Scaffolds

The Electrospinning Company, provider of electrospun polymer scaffolds, announced that Medicyte, provider of human primary cells and upcyte® cell strains...
pharmacuetical business review


Electrospinning Company

The Electrospinning Company develops and manufactures electrospun polymer scaffolds which are incorporated into standard tissue culture plates. These provide an ideal environment for supporting the growth of cells in 3D.

Tissue culture plates for small-scale 3D studies

Cells grown in a 3D microenvironment look and behave more like cells in human tissues than those cultured in 2D. They are in contact with other cells and produce their own extra-cellular matrix, which influences tissue-specific gene expression, cell growth and the uptake and metabolism of drugs. Our Mimetix 12-well plate with removable scaffold inserts and Mimetix 6-well plate with hanging inserts are ideal tools for small-scale studies involving for example cell viability assays, fluorescence microscopy of cells in the scaffold, or gene expression analysis.

Multi-well plates for 3D cell-based toxicity and efficacy assays

3D cell-based analysis can be an effective way of providing a more realistic date on the usefulness of drug candidates against tumour cells or their toxicity. In turn, such methods can potentially reduce the risk of failure in expensive clinical trials. Our Mimetix 96-well plate is easy-to-use with minimal adaptation required to shift from 2D to 3D and compatible with standard automated handling and imaging equipment. We have obtained promising data using primary and upcyte® hepatocytes (see case studies for more information).

Custom scaffolds for tissue regeneration

We have extensive scaffold design and manufacturing capabilities to develop bespoke scaffolds from a variety of polymer and in custom formats, such as aligned fibres (supporting the differentiation of cells which require a particular orientation, such as peripheral nerves and tendons) or spinning 3D shapes. We are currently putting in place a quality management system to be able to supply into the medical device market. Please contact us to discuss the development of electrospun scaffolds for your specific application/personal needs.


Contact details:
The Electrospinning Company

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Harwell, Didcot
United Kingdom
OX11 0QX
Phone: +44 (0)845 3888856

Bespoke Cell Scaffold Solutions

We can customise scaffold material, architecture and shape to suit your specific application.

Our "Mimetix Aligned" scaffolds, for example, support the growth of anisotropic cells such as nerves and tendons, whereas scaffolds made of biodegradable materials find widespread use in tissue engineering applications.Random and aligned cell scaffoldsClassical electrospinning produces randomly orientated fibres, as in our Mimetix scaffold. We can also manufacture aligned fibres using high speed rotating collectors.…

3D Cell Platform: Mimetix 96-Well Plate

The Mimetix® 96-well plate, our highly consistent and easy-to-use 3D platform, holds great promise to reduce the number of costly drug failures in clinical trials by enabling more realistic tumour and toxicology models.

It is designed to be easy-to-use and compatible with industry standard automated handling and imaging equipment. It has been validated with a number of primary cells and cell lines, including breast cancer cells and hepatocytes, and supports highly consistent cell performance in 3D.General featuresTrue 3D environment rather than a roughened 2D surfaceMinimal protocol adaption required…

Bespoke Scaffold Development

At the Electrospinning Company, biomaterial or architecture can be tailored to suit the application:

Natural or synthetic polymers tuned to degrade over different periods, or to provide different functionalityFibre diameter and pore sizeRandom non-woven or aligned fibre-orientationThickness of scaffoldIncorporation of bioactive molecules into or onto fibres

Mimetix® Scaffold

The Mimetix® Scaffold is available in a variety of ready-to-use, sterile laboratory consumable formats that are compatible with industry-standard automated handling and imaging equipment.

It provides a true 3D environment for cells, yet is thin enough to allow microscopic imaging. The Mimetix® Scaffold is made from medical-grade PLLA that does not degrade or alter over the course of an experiment.Mimetix® provides the following benefits in 3D cell-based assays:True 3D environmentHigh batch-to-batch consistency for reproducible cell-based assaysReady-to-use, sterile, standard-size plates…

Mimetix® Multi-Well Plate

Mimetix is an electrospun scaffold that mimics the extracellular matrix and provides an ideal environment to support the growth of cells in 3D.

The Mimetix multiwell plate is designed to be easy to use and compatible with industry standard automated handling and imaging equipment.The synthetic scaffold, which is 50 microns thick, is laser-welded into the plate, and is available in a range of pore sizes. Mimetix has been validated with a number of primary cells and cell lines,…

Well-Plates with Removable Scaffolds

Our Mimetix® 6-well hanging-insert format allows for cells to be cultured with an air-liquid interface or with exposure to medium from above and below.

This allows for experiments with longer culturing periods and cell migration experiments. Scaffold disks are removable, same as in our Mimetix® 12-well plate, allowing them to be taken out for imaging purposes.Left to right: Mimetix® 6-well plate with hanging inserts, Mimetix® 12-well plate with removable scaffold discsGeneral featuresTrue 3D environment rather than a roughened 2D…
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