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Well-Plates with Removable Scaffolds

Electrospinning Company

Our Mimetix® 6-well hanging-insert format allows for cells to be cultured with an air-liquid interface or with exposure to medium from above and below.

This allows for experiments with longer culturing periods and cell migration experiments. Scaffold disks are removable, same as in our Mimetix® 12-well plate, allowing them to be taken out for imaging purposes.

well-plates-removable-scaffolds well-plates-removable-scaffolds

Left to right: Mimetix® 6-well plate with hanging inserts, Mimetix® 12-well plate with removable scaffold discs

General features

  • True 3D environment rather than a roughened 2D surface
  • Minimal protocol adaption required to switch from 2D to 3D
  • Compatible with industry-standard automated handling and imaging equipment
  • High batch-to-batch consistency

Scaffold specifications

  • Material: medical-grade poly-L-lactide (PLLA), FDA-approved
  • Scaffold thickness: 50μm
  • Available fibre diameters: 2μm and 4μm (corresponding to pore sizes of 10-18μm and 19-31μm)
  • Overall porosity: app. 80%
  • Non-biodegradable in in vitro applications
  • Supplied with lid
  • Compatible with fluorescent and light microscopy

Usage and handling of well-plates with removable scaffolds

  • Supplied gamma-irradiated in individually-sealed plastic wrapping
  • Scaffolds can be coated with materials to facilitate cell adhesion in low serum conditions
  • Cells can be removed from the Mimetix® scaffold by trypsinisation and gentle agitation

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