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ExpediteTC – Temperature Controlled Envirotainers

American Airlines

AA Cargo's global cold chain can now link you to more than 100 destinations around the world to serve both your active and passive temperature-controlled shipping needs.

AA5Active solution

Our ExpediteTC Active solution utilizes advanced, temperature controlled Envirotainers that actively regulate temperature levels.

Passive solution

The Passive side of our ExpediteTC product is designed for pre-packaged shipments that require additional sensitivity to temperature-control during transport. Cold packs or dry ice used in packaging is aided by our expert handling and temperature-controlled environments along the cold chain.

Choose your Cold Chain Solution

Expedite TC Active Passive
Highest boarding priority Yes Yes
100% Flown as booked guarantee Yes Yes
Complete shipment tracking online Yes Yes
24/7 Specialised help desk Yes Yes
High visibility monitoring Yes Yes
Skilled shipment handling Yes Yes
Unique labelling for quick identification Yes Yes
Detailed checklist / control form for each shipment Yes Yes
Structured contingency planning Yes Yes
Extensive worldwide cold chain training program Yes Yes
Convenient container lease program Yes  
Container repositioning Yes  
Re-icing and battery changes as needed Yes  
QEP accredited in 59 cities in 23 countries Yes  
RAP, RKN, and CLD container types temperature range of -20°C to +20°C (-4°F to 68°F) Yes  
Environmental areas and
temperature-controlled rooms
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