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American Airlines

American Airlines (AA) Cargo provides a safe and reliable service to more than 240 cities in 40 countries across the globe, ideal for transporting valuable pharmaceutical equipment and supplies.

AA1The company traces its beginnings back to an association of air transport companies which merged to become American Airways – the direct predecessor of American Airlines. In fact, the first cargo flown by AA’s predecessor was guided from Chicago, Illinois to St. Louis, Missouri by none other than legendary aviator Charles Lindbergh.

AA Cargo is a company with rich history and is proud of being the first ever scheduled air cargo service in the world. However, that is only one of the company’s achievements, with AA boasting plenty more industry-firsts. AA was also the first company to offer a cargo tariff which was based on density, volume, value and perishability, as well as being the first to operate dedicated air freight terminals.

Temperature controlled air cargo service for vaccines and biotech products

AA2American has always been staffed by a bold and visionary band of aviation pioneers who flew a staggering array of aircraft, ranging from World War I surplus to the larger, cutting-edge aircraft of the day. Over the years, American Airlines has provided leadership to the air freight industry with industry with a variety of innovations, some of which are particularly relevant to the pharmaceutical sector.

Temperature control is key when dealing with pharmaceutical products. Transporting biotech products, vaccines and sensitive pharmaceutical material requires careful handling. AA Cargo was the industry’s first to use ‘igloo’ cargo containers and refrigerated cargo containers, keeping samples cool and in perfect condition.

Other industry firsts AA Cargo is proud of include:

  • The first coast-to-coast all cargo flight – New York to California
  • The first air freight loading conveyors, soon followed by portable motorized loading conveyors
  • The first corrugated containers for shipping ready-to-wear clothing
  • The first Unit Load Device (ULD) known as the Paul Bunyan Box
  • The first air hub and spoke system
  • The first scissor-lift system and pet carrier container for air travel
  • The first coast-to-coast jet service
  • The first in-plane roller system
  • The first powered cargo loader – the Astroloader for the 707 Aircraft
  • The first super-sized cargo container for the 747 Aircraft

Innovative air cargo solutions for pharmaceutical products

Currently, AA Cargo provides daily scheduled cargo lift to over 240 cities in 40 countries across the globe. Our customers include some of the largest shippers in the world, including the United States Postal Service.


From those first forays into airmail, to today’s heightened security and global scheduling requirements, one thing has remained unchanged – AA Cargo’s spirit of innovation to find a better way still prevails. This commitment to excellence has earned AA Cargo an unrivaled niche within the air cargo industry as a leader, partner and tireless innovator.



American Airlines
P.O. Box 619616
Mail Drop 4418
DFW Airport, TX 75261-9616
Tel:1-800-344-4320 (Spanish)

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ExpediteTC – Temperature Controlled Envirotainers

AA Cargo's global cold chain can now link you to more than 100 destinations around the world to serve both your active and passive temperature-controlled shipping needs.

Active solutionOur ExpediteTC Active solution utilizes advanced, temperature controlled Envirotainers that actively regulate temperature levels.Passive solutionThe Passive side of our ExpediteTC product is designed for pre-packaged shipments that require additional sensitivity to temperature-control during transport. Cold packs or dry ice used in packaging is aided by our expert handling and temperature-controlled environments along the cold…
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Quick Contact American Airlines
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