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GVK BIO Product: GOSTAR – Online Scientific Database

GVK Biosciences

'GOSTAR' is GVK BIO's online structure activity relation database, which consists of a comprehensive collection of all of the standalone databases presented in a single source.


As the largest scientific SAR database, GOSTAR is manually organised and contains all the published and patented inhibitors against most biological targets and their associated SAR data.

The GOSTAR database contains compounds from discovery and development, as well as associated SAR, ADME, toxicity and pharmacokinetic data. It has more than 5.1million inhibitors and more than 12million quantitative SAR points screened from 1.9million patents and 275,000 journals. It offers a secure access to the user through an integrated, browser-based VeriSign certified platform (secured socket layer). GOSTAR allows the user to make queries, browse, as well as retrieve and export data into various formats.

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