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GVK Biosciences

April 10, 2013

Drug Discovery Unit (DDU), University of Dundee Licenses GVK BIO Online SAR Database (GOSTAR)

GVK Biosciences (GVK BIO) today announced that it has licensed its online SAR database – GOSTAR to the drug discovery...
pharmacuetical business review
February 24, 2013

GVK Biosciences Pvt. Ltd. Announces New Distributor in Taiwan

GVK Biosciences Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of databases and services to the Life Sciences industry, has selected GGA as...
pharmacuetical business review


GVK Biosciences

GVK Biosciences (GVK BIO) is a leading drug discovery research and development organisation that supplies a broad spectrum of services, across the R&D and manufacturing value chain. GVK BIO focuses on delivering quality collaborative research, discovery services, clinical development, contract manufacturing, formulations and informatics.

GVK BIO is part of the GVK Group, India’s largest infrastructure developer, with wide experience and expertise in many areas, including energy, resources, airports, transportation, hospitality and life sciences.

GVK BIO works alongside India’s premier contract research organisations, in order to provide an integrated platform for research services across the pharmaceutical R&D value chain.

Informatics and analytics for drug discovery and development

The informatics and analytics division of GVK BIO is one of the largest and most established informatics service providers in India. We have more than 500 scientists working towards providing informatic services and proprietary bio/chemical databases to our customers. More than 90% of our team hold master’s degree or higher. GVK Bio is committed to providing value-added infomatics and analytical services to customers in order to accelerate their drug discovery and development process.

Contact details:
GVK Biosciences Private Limited

Plot No. 28 A, IDA Nacharam
Hyderabad – 500076
Phone: +91 40 66929999
Fax: +91 40 66929900

GVK BIO Service: Agrochemical Registration

GVK BIO offers agrochemical registration support to the agrochemical manufacturing companies for product registrations in Europe and the US, through various scientific approaches as well as producing regulatory dossiers and assessment reports. We can also offer with the environmental fate database in a customised way based on clients' specifications.

Environment fate modellingWe supply agrochemical registration support services to our customers through environmental fate modelling services. These services range from model-based data evaluation through highly standardised environmental exposure assessments, to custom scenario development for predicted environmental concentration (PECs) calculations. GVK BIO conducts calculations of agrochemical fate in soil, ground water, surface water and sediment (PECs),…

GVK BIO Product: Clinical Trial Outcome Database (CTOD)

Our clinical trial outcome databases enable clients to capture summary level data for clinical safety and efficacy outcomes from publicly available data sources. GVK BIO has partnered up with Quantitative Solutions Inc. (QS) to market the existing QS core clinical trial outcome databases and to develop and market additional databases in selected disease areas.

GVK BIO Service: Drug Repurposing and Repositioning

Drug repurposing is rapidly emerging as the most preferred route for launching new treatment agents, and is loosely defined as the process of identifying new therapeutic indications to existing clinical or marketed drug molecules.

Why choose drug repurposing?Reduced cost, accessibility of safety, toxicity and bioavailability information and faster turnaround times are the core strengths of a drug repurposing programme. Drug repurposing innovates not with respect to the drug but the disease and treatment and can be applied to various types of compounds that have failed to show efficacy in…

GVK BIO Product: GO Biom – Biomarker Database

GOBIOM is GVK's comprehensive collection of all the preclinical, clinical and exploratory biomarkers associated with different therapeutic areas reported in clinical trials, scientific journals and patents

GOBIOM is a comprehensive collection of all the clinically evaluated biomarkers associated with different therapeutic areas, reported in global clinical trials and preclinical markers in patents. GOBIOM has information on biochemical, genomic, imaging and metabolite markers, with 340 data points for each marker covering its clinical and preclinical qualifications.Click here for more information.

GVK BIO Product: GOSTAR – Online Scientific Database

'GOSTAR' is GVK BIO's online structure activity relation database, which consists of a comprehensive collection of all of the standalone databases presented in a single source.

As the largest scientific SAR database, GOSTAR is manually organised and contains all the published and patented inhibitors against most biological targets and their associated SAR data.The GOSTAR database contains compounds from discovery and development, as well as associated SAR, ADME, toxicity and pharmacokinetic data. It has more than 5.1million inhibitors and more than 12million…

GVK BIO Service: Patent and Legal Research Services

This service is cost-effective, secure and offers confidential intellectual property services with minimum turnaround time to the global clients. GVK BIO serves clients across the globe including in-house counsel for crporates, tech transfers, biotech, IP attorneys and small- and medium-sized enterprises, across a wide range of industries.

Patent search servicesParalegal and legal servicesPrior-art/patentability/collectionAccelerated examination searchValidity/invalidityExamination support document (ESD)FTO/clearancePatent litigation supportInfringementPatent proofreadingMarkush/chemical structureDocketing Claim analysis Document review

GVK BIO Service: Informatics and Analytics

GVK BIO’s informatics and analytics division delivers IT services, consisting of custom application development, testing services, systems integration, as well as maintenance and upgrades through package deployment.

IT solutions for pharmaceutical applicationsGVK BIO works with pharmaceutical, agriculture and biotech companies, as well as research laboratories to supply IT solutions for managing data, analytics, visualisations and other enterprise solutions.Delivery network for bio IT technologyGVK BIO is highly experienced in product development. Over the past eight years, we have built world-class QSAR and BIOMARKER…
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