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Incident Management and Investigations Software for Pharmaceuticals

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Incident Management


An end-to-end solution for responding to, reporting on, and investigating incidents across your organization. Easily understand what’s happening and why so you can manage resources, minimize loss, and protect your brand.

Resolver’s Incident Management software helps your team respond to, report on, and investigate incidents across your entire supply chain in one central application.

Increase your visibility into risks with a fully documented record of events for every incident in your organization. Our Incident and Investigations Management Software makes it easy for your end users to accurately capture the incident data you need. Data entry forms are tailored for each type of user, ask only for the required data, and have built-in guidance that every user can master without training.

Generate incident and relationship reports with the click of a button to gain a better understanding of your organization’s risks across any dimension. Make your security investments more effective by benchmarking across key locations and assets. Prevent security threats such as counterfeit drugs, trespassing, theft, and compliance by identifying trends of incident locations, time of day and viewing details of specific incident types. Whatever data you need, we have a report for it.

When unforeseen incident do occur, your team can act early because of our dynamic, automated triage process that ensures the right information is captured based on the type of incident being reported. Automated workflows guarantee that the information gets escalated to the right people through task assignment and notifications.

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