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SteriBeam Systems

PUV and PEF Sterilisation and Nutrient Extraction-Enrichment System

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Intense Pulsed UV System XeMaticA-2LFA

SteriBeam Systems

Ideal R&D tool for medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Easy touch-screen selection of:

  • 180° or 360° product exposure by operating one or both lamps
  • Pulse energies 100J to 500J
  • Pulse repetition rates 0.1Hz-5Hz
  • Number of pulses 1-100

El. power: 2000 w max. El connection:180-240 AVC, 1 phase 50/60 Hz. Size, weight: 60cm wide x 56cm high x 45cm deep,
med-grade stainless-steel housing, weight 42kg.

UV chamber:

  • 30cm wide x 30cm high x 24cm deep
  • All lined with Aluminum 99.8% reflectors
  • UV flux is largely uniform between lamps

Flash lamp type and spectra:

  • Xe gas filled (NO Mercury) water-cooled flash lamps,
  • 19cm active length, or up to 25J/cm length
  • Adjustable UVC, UVB and UVA outputs

UV fluxes on a product: up to 1.0 J/cm²/pulse. Ozone and IR free!

Sterilisation Efficiency: up to 2-3 logs /pulse!

A few possible positions for lamps and a shelf:

  • Horizontally above and below a quartz shelf or
  • Vertically on left and right sides of the shelf
  • Distance between lamp modules is adjustable
  • UV transparent shelf can be selectively positioned between lamp modules

Safety: during the system operational cycle the chamber door is automatically locked: no UV or EM fields leak out.

5.7in LCD display to select:

  • Pulse energy E(p) from 100J to 500J
  • Pulsing for the lamp on the top, or on the bottom or one lamp after another
  • Repetition rate n= 1 – 5 Hz
  • Number of pulses per "burst": 1 to 100
  • Auto-rejection of pulse parameters when: Pulse energy in J x Rep. Rate in Hz > El. Power Limit (for each selected energy is different)

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