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SteriBeam Systems

PUV and PEF Sterilisation and Nutrient Extraction-Enrichment System

June 18, 2013

Advantages of Pulsed UV Light R&D systems from SteriBeam over SteriPulse RS 3000 XL by Xenon Corp

Major parameters of the SteriPulse RS 3000 XL by Xenon Corp. have been compared with parameters of the fully automatic...
pharmacuetical business review
June 5, 2013

3xPEF R&D systems from SteriBeam vs. 5kw PEF by DIL/Elcrack

Major parameters of the floor standing R&D PEF system type DIL/ELCRACK-5kw have been compared with respective parameters of three SteriBeam...
pharmacuetical business review


SteriBeam Systems

SteriBeam Systems manufactures fast non-invasive sterilization systems with intense Pulsed UV or El Fields by for production and R&D tasks. It can be used for sterilization of pharmaceutical products just before packaging, or after packaging in UV transparent foils or boxes, for fast sterilization of cups, lids and so on.

The advantages of using SteriBeam systems:
  • 4 to 6 logs sterilization in a few seconds per product, or per 1 I of a fluid medications including such UV resistant as B. Pumilus
  • No harmful by-products produced in medications, unlike gamma, e-beams and other invasive methods
  • Keeps all medications in-tact, while heat, gamma and other invasive methods ruin up to 70% of some medications
  • Low production costs per sterilized product or per 1 l of a pharma or cosmetic product
  • Does not generate Ozone, does not have Mercury in lamps, produce no EM disturbances
  • Does not require labeling, whereas new rules in USA and in some EU require warning labeling on products treated with radiation and other invasive
  • Fully automated systems with controls over the process, user friendly

PLUS additional capabilities:

steri UVB-Photo-Synthesis of Medications or vitamins: It was shown that a filtered pulsed UVB light increases vitamin D2 content in mushroom powders in a few seconds from 10 to 1000 times as much. It is achieved by circulating shred or powdered products in Ni flow around UV lamp. Similar process could be used for a research for a photo-synthesis of other medications or vitamins.
top view of working UVC system for shred products or mushroom powders  

PEF for the extraction of natural substances: To be used in medications or in cosmetic products from vegetation cells by breaking its shells: this increases the extraction yield from 2 to 4 times as much.

Prime products are production UV Sterilization Tunnels, equipped with Pulsed UV flash lamps


Having the Tunnel in a production line assures a smooth product flow and guaranteed performance. Such a tunnel is placed between two conveyers: one with incoming non-sterilized products and another is to take sterilized products.

Our tunnels are equipped with the same power-control PUV modules as our fully automated PUV bench-top systems. This allows making an evaluation of sterilization processes before placing an order for the tunnel. It also allows to find a new or to adjust a known process to a customer current situation.

PUV Production Tunnel  

The system does not produce disturbing noises, has no light escaping the system and provides a stable performance. It has build-in alarm systems to warn a user for any system failures.

Tunnel capabilities include

  • Sterilize surfaces, also inside open cups, up to 6 logs from major bacteria and spores, including such UV resistant as B. Pumilus
  • Fully (360°) illuminate by UVC surfaces of products using our UVC transparent conveyers for infusion bags, empty or filled in UV transparent plastic bags, also UV transparent syringes etc
  • Support a product flow of up to 3600 /hour (one per sec)
  • Can be made to meet clean room specifications
  • Be equipped with product loading or advancing mechanisms
  • Be equipped, when justified, with continuous UVC light (254 nm) lamps, or with PEF or with low pressure MW chambers (instead of PUV lamps – details on our website)
steri beam steribeam
Fully automated R&D PUV system Semi- automated R&D PUV system

Our bench-Top R&D systems can be used to find requirements on production sterilization tunnel or to perform a great variety of R&D tasks. It is possible due to a broad range of operating parameters of our R&D systems. For example, our fully automated PUV system delivers:

  • 180° or 360° product exposure
  • Pulse energies: 100J to 500J
  • UVC fluxes to the product per pulse – up o 1.5 J/cm²
  • UVC power during pulse of up to tens of kw/cm²
  • Pulse repetition rates: 1Hz-5Hz
  • Number of pulses per product to reach a desired UV sterilization: 2-10

Fully -automated R&D PEF system

Our PEF systems are designed to meet latest published process achievements, such as :

  • Regulated pulse durations: 2µsec – 50µsec,
  • A few choices of pulse shapes, including positive or bi-polar square pulsing,
  • Pulse energies: 5J- 50J
  • Repetition rates: 1Hz-100Hz (limited by power for each selected energy)
  • Maximum power output: up to 2000W,
  • Pulse bursts: 1-1000 pulses / exposure, or timed continuous pulsing,
  • Two processing capabilities – for liquids with and without a batch volume, plus for jell or shred products in a chamber with parallel electrodes.

Our bench-top R&D systems are made in two categories:

  • Versatile fully automated with the same operating parameters as our production tunnels,
  • Low budget semi-automatic with the same pulse parameters yet with slower pulse rep rates, Pricing for both types of these systems are very competitive.


SteriBeam Systems GmbH
Gottlib-Fecht Str. 32
Kehl am Rein /Kork
D-77694, Germany
Tel: +49 7851 99 47 68 13
Fax +49 7851 899 331

Intense Pulsed UV System XeMaticA-2LFA

Ideal R&D tool for medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Easy touch-screen selection of:180° or 360° product exposure by operating one or both lampsPulse energies 100J to 500JPulse repetition rates 0.1Hz-5HzNumber of pulses 1-100El. power: 2000 w max. El connection:180-240 AVC, 1 phase 50/60 Hz. Size, weight: 60cm wide x 56cm high x 45cm deep,med-grade stainless-steel housing, weight 42kg.UV chamber:30cm wide x 30cm high x…

Intense Pulsed UV System XeMaticA-SA-1-2L

Semi-automatic basic R&D tool for medical and pharma UV tasks.

Pulse energies 100J to 1000J with the analogue Joule meter by a push-button180° or 360° product exposure by operating one or both lampsOzone and IR freeUV chamber:30cm wide x 30cm high x 24cm deepAll lined with Aluminum 99.8% reflectorsUV flux is largely uniform between lampsTo view the brochure pelase click here.

UV Sterilisation System for Powders

UV Chamber to sterilise powders, etc with UV light and powder advancing subsystem.

The system consists of:Powder advancing deviceUV treatment chamberSub-system for moving powder around the UV sourcePowder releasing deviceSensors and process controllerTo view the full brochure please click here.
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