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Kromasil Chiral


Kromasil Chiral are chiral stationary phases based on Kromasil premium silica and come in two subgroups of phases with bonded or coated selectors.

Kromasil AmyCoat and CelluCoat chiral phases are based on a super-wide pore silica matrix developed in-house, and coated with a functionalized amylose and cellulose selector, respectively. These phases have an excellent selectivity for large number of racemates. Particle sizes of 25, 10, 5 and down to 3 µm enables high separation resolution.

The Kromasil DMB and TBB chiral phases are based on chiral monomers polymerized and covalently bonded onto the Kromasil 100 Å silica, resulting in a mechanically strong and chemically stable chiral phase, with high loadability and selectivity for a broad range of racemates.

All Kromasil original columns are slurry packed and rigorously tested to pass QC criteria, individually. Each column has an identification ensuring total traceability.

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