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Kromasil is a high performance spherical silica packing material for analytical to industrial scale HPLC, and is available as bulk as well as in slurry-packed columns, from 2.1 mm up to 50 mm ID.

Kromasil has become a premium choice for API purification because of its combination of both mechanical and chemical stability and high performance in preparative HPLC. The varieties of available surface chemistry and particle sizes make it easy to find the right derivatization for normal phase, reversed phase, chiral or SFC (Supercritical Fluid Chromatography) applications.

Kromasil has been ISO9001 certified since the early nineties, and the production is focused on reproducibility for minimal batch-to-batch variation. The production site is certified ISO14000 and committed to sustainable production methods.

The Kromasil product line is made by Separation Products, a department within Eka Chemicals, a global company with 2 900 employees in 30 countries. Eka Chemicals is a business unit within AkzoNobel, one of the world’s largest chemical groups, with about 60 000 employees in more than 80 countries.


Eka Chemicals AB
Separation Products
SE-445 80 Bohus
Tel +46 31 58 70 00
Fax +46 31 58 77 27

Kromasil Chiral

Kromasil Chiral are chiral stationary phases based on Kromasil premium silica and come in two subgroups of phases with bonded or coated selectors.

Kromasil AmyCoat and CelluCoat chiral phases are based on a super-wide pore silica matrix developed in-house, and coated with a functionalized amylose and cellulose selector, respectively. These phases have an excellent selectivity for large number of racemates. Particle sizes of 25, 10, 5 and down to 3 µm enables high separation resolution.The Kromasil DMB and…

Kromasil Classic

We call it classic because, while other product families are somewhat more specialized, this is the core family of HPLC media that established the reputation of Kromasil.

Kromasil is a family of premium silica-based chromatography packings developed for analytical up to process scale applications in both reversed-phase and normal-phase mode as well as SFC. Kromasil has superior mechanical and chemical stability, high available surface area, and a narrow pore size distribution. This results in long lifetime and high loading capacity. In addition…

Kromasil Eternity

Kromasil Eternity is a platform with a grafted organo-silane surface with extended chemical stability for chromatography at any pH between pH 2 and pH 12 and is a natural choice for the separation of ionic or aromatic substances in various buffer compositions.

Currently, Kromasil Eternity is available as C18 and PhenylHexyl derivatizations on 2.5 and 5 µm particles.
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