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Avery Dennison

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Luminescent Products

Avery Dennison

Pharmaceutical products need to be inspected to confirm the presence of the original labels. While white labels are relatively easy to detect due to the optical brighteners (OB) they contain, transparent filmic labels require luminescent properties for detection. This allows for the effective identification of missing labels using UV light-detection equipment.

Fasson® S4000 LUM

The combination of Fasson® S4000 LUM adhesive and PP film in various thicknesses is ideal for such applications. With its clear, permanent acrylic base, the adhesive offers good tack and adhesion performance, even on apolar surfaces.

Fasson® S697 LUM

Fasson® S697 LUM adhesive is recommended for added resistance to the effects of chemicals and heat. In addition to possessing the characteristics of S4000 LUM, this adhesive is also suitable for autoclave, gamma and ETO sterilisation procedures.

We offer a full range of products with luminescent properties. Please contact your local technical sales team for more information.

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