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Small Molecule Drug Discovery

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NovAliX biophysical technology platform allows access to:

  • Protein structure determination by X-ray crystallography (60+ off the shelves targets)
  • Ligand to protein screening and interactions characterisation with proprietary nano ESI-MS technology (link to biophysical technologies)
  • Ligand to protein screening and interactions characterization with proprietary NMR technology (link to biophysical technologies)

NovAliX by combining expertise in medicinal chemistry and relevant technologies provides target-driven solutions offering access to diverse drug discovery approaches including:

  • Natural product-based drug discovery
  • Fragment-based as well as structure-based drug design

NovAliX also provides single services in biochemistry (protein engineering, crystal grade protein supply), discovery chemistry (de novo scaffolds synthesis, chemistry support) and process research and development (from paper route design to scale-up).

NovAliX works with royalty free contracts for both drug discovery and technology deals.

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