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Small Molecule Drug Discovery

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NovAliX is a private company combining structural biology, medicinal chemistry and an in-house developed screening technology to conduct integrated drug discovery programs.

Founded in 2002 as a spin off from University of Strasbourg School of Pharmacy and the prestigious IGBMC research institute founded by Pr. Pierre Chambon, NovAliX is a private, management and employees owned, small molecule drug discovery company, combining excellence in chemistry with outstanding biophysical capabilities (nano ESI-MS, X-ray crystallography, NMR). NovAliX provides target-driven solutions for drug discovery offering access to diverse and relevant approaches such as natural product-based drug discovery and fragment-based drug design (FBDD).

Fragment-based drug design and small molecule drug discovery

The fragment selection process (FAMASS) is powered by an innovative mass spectrometry screening technology delivering high-content information on compound-protein interactions (binding evidence, stoichiometry, reversibility, specificity, binding affinity etc.). This biophysical method is also advantageously used for library hit validation and hit or lead analog ranking.

Organic synthesis and protein crystallography

In addition, through its integrated platform in chemistry and biology, NovAliX provides various single services in organic synthesis and protein crystallography. NovAliX is committed to advance small molecule discovery and development programs leveraging proprietary technologies and the multi-disciplinary expertise of its 74 scientists.

NovAliX has a global footprint with clients in North America, Europe and Japan spanning major pharma, mid-size pharma and biotechnology companies.

Boulevard Sebastien Brant
Illkirch, F-67400

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Biophysical Technologies

Native nanoESI-MS, FAXS Fluorine chemical shift Anisotropy and eXchange for Screening and DOSY Diffusion Ordered Spectroscopy.

Native nanoESI-MS This specific application of MS is called supramolecular-, noncovalent-, nondenaturing- or native-MS. This approach is used for the detailed structural and functional characterisation of a wide variety of assemblies consisting of several proteins, proteins and small molecules, nucleic acids, proteins and nucleic acids, as well as nucleic acids and small molecules. The main…

R&D Services

NovAliX biophysical technology platform allows access to: Protein structure determination by X-ray crystallography (60+ off the shelves targets) Ligand to protein screening and interactions characterisation with proprietary nano ESI-MS technology (link to biophysical technologies) Ligand to protein screening and interactions characterization with proprietary NMR technology (link to biophysical technologies) NovAliX by combining expertise in medicinal…
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