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PolyPeptide Group

Proprietary and Generic GMP-Grade Peptides

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Research Peptides

PolyPeptide Group

Non GMP commercial solutions.

Quantities for research up to pilot scale can be provided at predefined purity levels, and can include modifications such as cyclisation, biotinylation, phosphorylation, as well as labeling with fluorescent dyes or radioactive isotopes.

Pre-GMP Analytical Development

Analytical characterisation of any lead peptide designated for GMP manufacture is started as soon as the campaign starts. The primary issue in GMP situations is not achieving a specified purity, but in meeting impurity specifications. If impurities are not uncovered early in a project (and eliminated via improvements in purification or synthesis), the consequences can be substantial down the line.

Our goal is to prepare for a seamless transfer of your peptide to GMP manufacturing when you are ready to enter that phase of development.

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