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Pharmaceutical Vacuum Dryers and Vacuum Pumps

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Vacuum pump – SAURUS939


Thanks to its simple design, together with innovative technical solutions such as the new LubriZero® System, which reduced the oil consumption nearly to zero, allowing the use of synthetic FDA-approved oils), SAURUS939 vacuum pump is particularly suitable for the main pharmaceutical and chemical processes.

Such as:

  • Drying
  • Distillation
  • Reaction
  • Crystallisation

With the most common and aggressive solvents, SAURU939 ensures:

  • Absolute safety for the process and the operators
  • Extreme operating simplicity 24hr/day
  • Absolute reliability over time even under severe operative conditions
  • Very limited operative costs, simple and cheap maintenance
  • Incomparable performances: nominal flow rate from 80 m³/hr to 3800m³/hr and vacuum from 7 to 0.03 mbar

Zero oil contamination

Not only incomparable performances with meaningless oil consumption and absolute reliability over time.

A recent analysis of the Material Science and Chemical Engineering Department of "Politecnico di Torino" dispels any doubt about the purity of the final product.

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