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Pharmaceutical Vacuum Dryers and Vacuum Pumps

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October 7, 2011

Italvacuum at forthcoming exhibitions in 2011

We are pleased to announce that Italvacuum - one of the most known italian manufacturers of vacuum dryers and vacuum...
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September 29, 2011

Where the other vacuum pumps are stopped, Italvacuum Saurus939 pump continues!

Eco-compatible dimension and incomparable performances for a complete safety of the product.
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More than 70 years of experience in vacuum pumps and vacuum dryers.

With more than 70 years of experience, Italvacuum is one of the most well-known Italian manufacturers of vacuum dryers and vacuum pumps for chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. We are mainly producers of:

  • Active principle ingredients (APIs)
  • Fine chemicals
  • Intermediates
  • Granulated plastics

High technology vacuum systems

Italvacuum’s manufacturing capabilities include a wide range of original and patented products that comply with the main European regulations (CE, ATEX and PED) and with the ever more severe FDA rules and cGMP norms:

  • Paddle vacuum dryer – range Planex System®
  • Rotary double cone vacuum dryer / powderer – range CRIOX System
  • Tray vacuum dryer – range MULTISPRAY® cabinet dryer
  • Vacuum pump – range SAURUS939

Thanks to its know-how in vacuum process applications developed along the years, Italvacuum is able to provide turnkey installations and also to realise customised systems, that are built according to customer’s requirements. In fact, beside each vacuum dryer, Italvacuum supplies also the components necessary for completing the plant:

  • Heating and cooling unit for the thermal regulation of the system
  • Vacuum condensation unit with tank for the recovery of the extracted solvents
  • High vacuum unit
  • Control panels with PLC for the complete management of the plant, provided with software certifiable according to CFR 21 Standard, Part 11, and able to ensure the reproducibility between the dried lots and to interface with the central control systems.

All the components are appropriately dimensioned.

Tailored services in vacuum applications

Service means to us to guide customers from the moment they approach our technology, giving them the possibility to follow the installation planning and construction, up to the utilisation of the plant during the years, guaranteeing our constant support for any necessity.

Our service range includes:

  • Engineering services – high qualified technicians and designers for an ever evolving technology
  • Pilot trials – semi-industrial and industrial models of the above mentioned products are available at the Italvacuum factory for performing customer tests
  • Pilot systems rental – our pilot trials at the customer’s house
  • Customer service: preventive planned maintenance; technical assistance (intervention of specialised personnel or from its site through on-line diagnostic); spare parts warehouse with computerised management in order to ensure an efficient and always ready delivery of original spare parts everywhere in the world; and overhaul and upgradings of the installations

Quality management system

We implemented a quality management system with:

  • UNI EN ISO 3834-2 CERTIFICATION (welding quality requirements).

Contact Details

Italvacuum Srl
Headquarters and Manufacturing Plant
Via Stroppiana 3, Borgaro (Turin)
I-10071 Italy
Tel: +39 011 4704651
Fax: +39 011 4701010

Rotary Double Cone Vacuum Dryer / Powderer – CRIOX System

CRIOX System, an international Italvacuum patent that counts more than 400 units operating in more than 30 countries, consists of a rotary vacuum dryer/powderer capable to total extract all types of solvents from the wet powders coming from filtering or centrifuge.

Electrical lump-breaker units The central body of the CRIOX System is made of a double cone chamber, characterised by smooth surfaces without edges and sharp corners. During the system rotation, this structure helps the total and continuous revolution of the mass to be dried and allows a homogenous and delicate mixing. The double cone shape of…
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