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Pharmaceutical Vacuum Dryers and Vacuum Pumps

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Where the other vacuum pumps are stopped, Italvacuum Saurus939 pump continues!

Thanks to its simple design bound together with innovative technical solutions, as the new LubriZero® system – that consists of new materials in teflon with special charges that, beside being resistant to corrosion, do not require any lubrication and reduced nearly to zero the oil consumption, also allowing the use of synthetic FDA approved oils – the renewed Saurus939 vacuum pump confirms its ability to give incomparable performances in all chemical and pharmaceutical processes: such as drying, distillation and reaction, ensuring complete recovery of extracted solvents, also under continuous and severe operation conditions, with an unchanged
efficiency over time.

In case of common solvents (Methylic Alcohol, Ethylic Alcohol, Chloroform, Acetone, Ethyl Acetate, Methyl Chloride, Benzene, Toluene, Isopropylic Alcohol, Ethyl Ether, Heptane) and even the most aggressive (Hydrochloric Acid, Acetic Acid, Chlorobenzene, Dimethylformamide, Acrylonitrile, Dichloroethane, Cyclohexane, Pyridine, Dimethyl Sulfoxide, Dichloromethane), Saurus939

  • Absolute safety for the process and the operators
  • Separation between process side and mechanical side
  • High endurance against powders
  • High resistance against corrosion
  • High endurance against condensate solvents and secondary products of distillation
  • Use without limits in all vacuum range
  • Low operation speed (250 rpm) and low working temperature
  • Installation in dangerous environment
  • Long life and absolute reliability
  • Very low operating costs (low energy consumption, easy and economic maintenance)

The separation of the vacuum pump from the process chamber ensures absence of contamination of the product from the lubricating oil, as discussed in a report by Politecnico di Torino, in which the phenomenon is quantitatively estimated, dispelling any doubt about the purity of the final product.

In this report the flow rate of oil is calculated by solving a mass transport equation that takes into account the effects of diffusion, which moves the oil from the pump to the condenser, and of convection, which acts in the opposite way.

Three dryer-condenser-vacuum pump configurations were considered, each corresponding to the three different Saurus939 vacuum pump models VVB, VVC and VVD, with nominal inlet diameters of 40, 65 and 80 mm, respectively. In addition different vacuum levels were examined, in order to investigate all the range of working conditions from 1 to 100 mbar.

Under these conditions the mass of oil reaching the condenser in 24 hours (a typical operation time) was calculated for every vacuum level.

The obtained values were absolutely negligible and below any level of analytical detection, with an order of magnitude as low as 10-1000 g of oil. As the mass of oil molecules is in the range 10-20-10-24 g, this result means that during a drying cycle not even a single molecule of oil moves back from the pump to the condenser, and hence to the dryer.

Saurus939 complies also to ATEX norms. In its standard model, CE ex II 2 G T4, it is suitable for an area classified as Zone 1 Gas and Temperature Class T4 (135° C).

In special models the vacuum pump is suitable for zone ‘0’ internal-gas, zone ‘1’ external-gas with three different classes of temperature T4 (135° C) / T 150° C / T3 (200° C), depending on operation conditions.

Several models of pumps are offered: three of the single stage type and three of the dual stage type. Cooling is by air for all types. Special models with root compressor are also supplied on request. Nominal flow rate: from 80 to 3,800 cubic meters/hr. Vacuum: from 7 to 0.03 mbar.

To complete the Saurus939 range, a series of fittings is available in order to deliver a product ready for operation: atmospheric post-condenser for the recovery of solvents from the pump outlet; condensate recovery tank from the post-condenser outlet; filter mounted on the pump suction side; control panel board with explosion-proof execution support; basement for pump and fittings; vacuum condenser in order to guarantee the recovery of condensation solvents and the right suction conditions of the pump.