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January 25, 2013

Bioneer acquires Model Gut Contract Research business and is granted license to the Dynamic Gastric Model

Bioneer has signed an exclusive license agreement with UK technology management company, Plant Bioscience Limited (PBL), regarding use of the...
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Bioneer A/S

Bioneer is an innovative research-based company providing services within biomedicine and biotechnology.

Cross-linking ideas from science with those of the market

Our commercial mission is to increase the competitiveness of our global customers by facilitating their early, explorative development of new therapeutics. We therefore offer access to essential tools, technology and unique biological resources within cell and molecular biology, and we further aim to create new product opportunities at the interface between biology and other sciences.

Bioneer is a subsidiary of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and is approved by the Danish Ministry of Science and Technology as an authorised provider of technological services.

Technology and unique biological resources within cell and molecular biology

Our public mission is two-fold. First, to provide tools and technologies that facilitate early implementation in the Danish health sector of new therapeutic strategies. Second, to contribute to making Denmark a front-runner in very early commercialisation of biomedical research as a means to grow the Danish biotech industry.

With a staff of 45 dedicated and highly skilled persons, state-of-the-art facilities in the Scion-DTU Science Park in Copenhagen, and a history of 25 years of operation, Bioneer is fit to fulfill its dual role as commercial entity with a social responsibility.


Bioneer A/S
Kogle Allé 2
DK 2970
Tel:+45 4516 0444
Fax:+45 4516 0455

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Product and Services

With 25 years experience in meeting the diverse needs of the biotech and pharma industry, Bioneer is ready and able to deliver competitive and on-time solutions to companies, large as well as small.

Drug DevelopmentCompound characterisationPermeability / AbsorptionFormulation developmentFormulation characterisationBiomarkersBiomarker discovery and validationBiomarker assay developmentProtein ManufacturingDevelopment of production organismGenetic optimisation and scale up of fermentationContract protein productionImmune TargetingHuman dendritic cell modelsPBMC (Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell) modelsMurine dendritic cell modelsActive Ingredients and MicroorganismsDevelopment of active ingredientsDevelopment of probioticsOptimization of microorganismsLicensing opportunitiesLactococcus lactis system (P170)Tagatose enzyme
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