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CRF Health is a global leader in eCOA (electronic Outcomes Assessment) solutions for the life sciences industry. eCOA encompasses PROs (Patient Reported Outcomes), ObsROs (Observer Reported Outcomes) and ClinROs (Clinician or Rater Reported Outcomes).

Through innovative technology, a thorough understanding of drug development, and mobile computing, CRF Health is driving the change to higher quality outcomes and more efficient paper-free clinical trials.


CRF Health’s intuitive and patient-focused eCOA technology has been used in more than 70 countries, on six continents and 68 regional languages, including several regional Indian dialects. CRF Health consistently demonstrates the industry’s highest patient compliance rates, while delivering unrivaled data accuracy and unmatched patient and site acceptance.

Since 2000, CRF Health has continued to provide true global eCOA delivery and service. CRF Health is headquartered in the US and operates globally with an R&D center of excellence in Helsinki, Finland.

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TrialMax Slate™ (Site-Based eCOA)

TrialMax Slate™ is intended to be used at the study sites during subject visits for completion of QoL and other PRO instruments during those visits. TrialMax Slate™ is part of the TrialMax® product family and can be deployed independently or in combination with TrialMax Touch™ home-based eDiaries.

TrialMax Touch™ (Home-Based eCOA)

This is CRF Health’s handheld eDiary device for home- and site-based data collection. TrialMax Touch™ runs on Smartphone devices and is used to collect patient reported outcomes electronically in clinical trials.

TrialMax Web™ (Web-Based eCOA)

This is CRF Health’s web-based solution for electronic data collection in clinical trials. TrialMax Web™ can be used via a computer, laptop, or Smartphone.

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