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Enantia is a company devoted to chemical research and development, medicinal chemistry support and crystal engineering, with a strong focus on asymmetric chemistry and co-crystallisation technologies.

Translating creative chemistry into robust processes running at industrial scale

The company was founded in 2003 to combine the expertise of leading university academics with a strong client oriented focus and professional management. Due to the ample industrial experience accumulated, Enantia is seen by its clients as the partner of choice to translate creative chemistry into robust processes running at industrial scale.

Mainly located at Barcelona’s Science Park, at the heart of Barcelona’s Pharma and Biotech cluster, it has five fully equipped laboratories and access to state of the art facilities, excellent installations and instrumentation: HPLC and HPLC-MS (chiral/achiral), GC (chiral/achiral), preparative HPLC (chiral/achiral), automated chromatography, Gel Permeation Chromatography, NMR (from 400 to 800 MHz), Mass Spectra, FT-IR and UV chemistry, kilo-lab, X-Ray Diffraction and spray dryer.

Expertise in organic synthesis

Enantia has a vast experience in general organic synthesis and in process development, especially in the fields of asymmetric synthesis, enantioselective catalysis and metal-mediated coupling reactions. This expertise is applied to a wide scope of project types serving a variety of markets.

Enantia can accompany the client in all stages of drug discovery and drug development:

  • Preparation of focused chemical libraries
  • Route scouting
  • Optimization of reaction processes
  • Solid form screening and scale up
  • Technical transfer of developed processes

The company has experience in a wide range of chemical transformations, and holds a particular know-how in asymmetric reactions such as Sharpless enantioselective epoxidation and dihydroxylation, enantioselective hydrogenations, enantioselective alkylations and arylations and also expertise in ring closing metathesis, Suzuki and Negishi couplings, and innovative Swern and Corey Kim oxidations.

Co-crystallization technologies for API

Co-crystals (crystalline materials composed of two or more molecules in the same crystal lattice in which the components are in a neutral state and interact via non-ionic interactions) emerge as a powerful tool for the Pharmaceutical and Generic Industry.
On one hand, as a different solid form, they can modify the physicochemical properties of organic molecules including Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), intermediates and other synthetic products.

On the other hand, the specificity of co-crystal formation makes them a very powerful tool to be applied in process chemistry. They can be used to resolve racemic mixtures and to improve purification processes. Moreover, co-crystallisation is applicable to non-ionisable molecules where salt formation is not possible.

Enantia has a track record in the field of co-crystal discovery and development. Its dedicated team has its own particular approach to co-crystal screening, offering a combination of rational design and a powerful set of synthetic and analytical techniques.

Through Enantia’s differential technologies, the company offers a 360 degree solution to critical issues of its clients providing them with innovative tools to achieve objective value.

Licensing out technologies

As a result of Enantia’s expertise in organic synthesis and co-crystallisation technologies the company has its own lines of research developing chemical and solid state technologies for future generics to license to third parties. With an average of 4 patent filings per year, the company has several examples of generics drugs in the market being produced by the technology developed by the company.


Enantia, S.L.
Baldiri Reixac 10
E-08028 Barcelona
Tel: +34 934 034 837
Fax: +34 934 034 838

Chemical Research and Process development

Enantia holds an expertise throughout all steps of chemical research and process development, specialising in synthetic challenges: from designing efficient route synthesis to new products, to designing non-infringing routes to circumvent IP protected molecules.

The company's industrial insight in chemical development along with its expertise in asymmetric synthesis makes Enantia a partner of choice when its clients are dealing with the industrial preparation of complex chiral and non-chiral molecules.Enantia's services also include: determination of process proven acceptable ranges, process validation, solid form screening, scale-up and transfer of developed processes,…

Co-Crystal Technology

Enantia, a pioneer in this area, started working with co-crystals in 2005. Since then a considerable number of co-crystals have been developed and applied in different areas and diverse uses:

To improve solid-state properties of APIs: several important characteristics of pharmaceutical substances like solubility, bioavailability, stability, hygroscopicity, morphology, filtration and flowability show relevant variations by means of co-crystal formation. To resolve racemates: enantiomeric resolutions are achieved by diastereomeric co-crystal formation and selective crystallization of one of the enantiomers. To improve purifications: co-crystals have proved an…

Medicinal Chemistry Platform

Enantia offers chemical support to drug discovery programs covering the preparation of focused libraries, the synthesis of building blocks and scaffolds, the preparation of reference standards and metabolites and the GLP production for preclinical studies.

The company's medicinal chemistry platform is formed by a balanced team of highly skilled organic chemists, combined with experienced medicinal chemists coming from the pharmaceutical industry with a solid background in the design of small molecules as ligands for a broad range of therapeutic targets belonging to different classes such as GPCRs, enzymes (kinase and…

Out-Licensing Technologies for Future Generics

As a result of its internal research projects, Enantia has developed and patent protected a number of innovative technologies to prepare future generics. Due to its expertise, Enantia’s objective is to improve both the synthetic aspects of the manufacturing of APIs and the final solid forms, with the idea to provide objective added value to customers.

In some cases, Enantia's inventions will allow its customers to get to the market earlier by circumventing existing IP protection of certain final API solid forms. In others, Enantia's chemical process will allow its customers to manufacture a final generic at lower cost. Some technologies already available for licensing are:Rivaroxaban. A new oral anticoagulant developed…
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