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Ethicheck is an internationally leading supplier of the latest advancements in pharmaceutical / medical refrigerators, freezers, 24/7 real-time MATOS® temperature monitoring solutions and fully automated RFID Inventory Cloud Refrigerators, which utilise our patented MATOS monitoring platform.

Based in England, we are backed by a strong team who operate worldwide to ensure we, as a company, continue to deliver efficient, automated solutions for pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories and clinical trials to ensure cold chain requirements are delivered upon.

Inventory management solutions for pharmaceutical refrigerators

The MATOS® PLUS RFID system is an inventory management solution, installed within the tested and proven MATOS® PLUS Cloud pharmaceutical refrigerators.

It utilises the MATOS® Monitoring Cloud Platform to provide live inventory status information, detailing exactly what products are located in a fridge cabinet, product expiry information and reorder levels at all times.

Customisable solutions to work with any pharmaceutical company, hospital, clinical laboratory right down to a single refrigerator in a local pharmacy or doctor’s surgery.

Automation for your cold chain temperature monitoring

With our MATOS® Monitoring solutions, clients can have peace of mind knowing their temperature monitoring solution is recorded 24/7 in real-time with all data held on the MATOS secure Azure Cloud server.

Clients are then able to access the data on any internet-enabled device from anywhere in the world while also being alerted to a breach to ensure action is taken to save stock from being thrown out along with savings in having to work through major cold chain breaches.

Medical refrigerators and freezers

All represented under the MATOS® brand, Ethicheck has a wide range of pharmaceutical / medical-grade refrigerators and freezers ranging from 68l to large double-door 1,460l models.

Our PLUS Cloud range of refrigerators and freezers are available with the innovative web-based MATOS® Monitoring system, providing 24/7 real-time automated temperature monitoring.

The system also provides alerts to end-users when a breach or potential breach occurs.

Contact Details:

Suite LP41835
20-22 Wenlock Road
N1 7GU
United Kingdom

Ph: +44 (0) 1372 236 455

MATOS PLUS RFID Refrigerator Range

The MATOS® PLUS RFID Refrigerators utilise the MATOS® Monitoring Cloud Platform providing real-time inventory conditions, allowing clients to see at all times the products inside each refrigerator, what stock is getting low and/or due to expire – making all the manual stocktakes redundant saving you time and money! Each refrigerator is linked directly to the…

MATOS® PLUS and ARIA Refrigerator / Freezer Ranges

Check out the full range of refrigerators and freezers available to purchase for the storage of your vaccine and medication which are required to be kept within 2ᵒC and 8ᵒC. With a wide range of models available from an Under Bench 68l to Double Door 1,460l models available with either glass or solid doors, you…

MATOS® Temperature Monitoring Solutions

MATOS® Temperature Monitoring is a web-based, automatic, temperature monitoring system, enabling direct access to your fridge temperatures and records anywhere, at any time. Available in-built into a MATOS® PLUS Cloud or MATOS® PLUS RFID Refrigerator otherwise clients are able to purchase the MATOS® Wireless Monitoring (MWM) Solution Kit which is our latest addition to the…
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