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Geodis Wilson

Global Pharmaceutical Freight Management Services

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Geodis Wilson

Geodis Wilson is a leading global freight management company. They manage sea and air cargo across five continents, making supply chains transparent and flexible to handle.

With 6,000 employees in more than 50 countries Geodis Wilson delivers tailor-made, integrated solutions to customers, therefore enabling them to operate as “best in class”. As the freight forwarding division of the Geodis Group, Geodis Wilson grew out of the merger between Geodis Overseas, TNT Freight Management and Rohde & Liesenfeld. In November 2008, the company became part of the French rail and freight group SNCF. With its now 50,000 employees located in 120 countries, SNCF Geodis ranks among the top six companies in its field in the world.

Integrated and custom pharmaceutical freight management

We understand that the pharmaceutical industry brings its own set of challenges, and strive to meet them. When it comes to freight solutions you need a fast, reliable partner with a commitment to good distribution practice who will work for you – around the clock – to provide integrated door-to-door delivery every day of the year. A partner who creates transparent, tailored solutions and who speaks your language through clear communication channels. A partner like Geodis Wilson.

Outsourced pharmaceutical freight management logistics

If you are going to outsource non-core business like freight management, then you want to know that it is going to be done right. The industry is facing enormous pressure to reduce global logistics costs. At the same time, increased outsourcing to countries such as India and China means that total supply chain control is now at the forefront of many business strategies.

We have a proven pharmaceutical track-record. We also have a background of partnering with companies in other leading areas − including healthcare, chemicals, high-tech industries and retail. You will receive a personalised solution that will give you the time you need to focus on your business.

Pharmaceutical freight logistics, dispatch administration and operational handling

Freight management is all about maintaining full control at all stages, everywhere. Our global control tower approach provides complete operational, tactical and strategic control throughout the supply chain. We provide fully centralised logistic development, dispatch administration and operational handling, and our e-services allow full transparency like never before.

Systems such as Freight Planner, Freight Monitor and our Customer Portal provide booking services and proactive quality control, as well as the real-time tracking and tracing that is so valuable for cold chain shipping and the transportation of enviro-tainers. Best of all, a single point of contact – the global control tower – provides one-stop shopping and global pricing with a simple rate structure, regardless where your business is located, providing full control every step of the way.

Pharmaceutical freight raw-material management, packing, export and temperature-controlled stock management

Good distribution practice is at the core of any pharmaceutical logistics solution. We provide the most optimal sea, air or land route throughout the entire supply chain to provide the best cost/quality ratio for your business. We are experts in raw material management and just-in-time solutions, as well as pharmaceutical packing, export services and temperature-controlled stock management.

Not only will you receive services tailored to your specific requirements, but we will also use our cost analysis tool to highlight potential process improvements throughout your supply chain, which can lower your overall costs considerably. It is a continuously customised solution tailored to your increasingly regulated industry, from a partner who understands the challenges you face. At Geodis Wilson we think that partnership is what it’s all about.

WTC Schiphol
H-tower, 7th floor
Schiphol boulevard 351
1118 BJ Schiphol Airport
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 20 655 7100
Fax: +31 20 655 7191

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The next layer is e-service solutions: the enablers, there to facilitate, simplify and make everything more efficient.

Geodis Wilson makes you more competitive by increasing the visibility and manageability of your supply chain and by reducing associated risks and costs. Our e-services portfolio provides indispensable building blocks in our integrated supply chain solutions. They give you the power to access your data, make quick decisions and get customers and suppliers on the…

Freight Services

The freight services are the core of our business.

Goods flows are always the foundation of what we offer. All the below freight services can be offered on a door-to-door basis. Air services Geodis Wilson offers air freight at different speeds for an optimal balance between time and cost: economy, consolidation, priority and express. Our own terminal handling, regular performance reports and door-to-door service…

Integrated Solutions

Tailored solutions to ensure pharmaceutical compliance.

The pharmaceutical industry is facing enormous pressure to reduce global logistics costs. At the same time, increased outsourcing has put total supply chain control at the forefront of business strategy. We have a proven track record of partnering with pharmaceutical companies to meet industry-specific challenges and reduce costs by providing personalised solutions that optimise the…

Value-Added Services

On top of the freight services come value-added services, such as insurance and customs clearance, but also the logistics handling services.

Delivering your goods from door-to-door on time from one continent to another is one thing. It's quite another to use this transit time to release your company's tied-up capital. Geodis Wilson accomplishes both with a global freight management network and a range of value-added services. These services allow you to increase your warehouse turnover rate,…
Quick Contact Geodis Wilson
Quick Contact Geodis Wilson
Quick Contact Geodis Wilson

Quick Contact Geodis Wilson
Quick Contact Geodis Wilson
Quick Contact Geodis Wilson

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