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Hudson Robotics

We produce robots that allow users to easily turn microplate readers into automated screening systems. We have microplate movement and storage systems, as well as liquid handling solutions. We also offer complete workcells for biological research and drug discovery, in which our products are integrated with third party equipment to solve complex laboratory protocols.

All of our equipment is tied together by our powerful, but easy-to-use SoftLinx™ control software. We have written software integrations to the vast majority of third party readers and other lab automation equipment, with new integrations being developed on a regular basis.

We produce: instruments, workcells, software & customized solutions.

Our equipment is best Known for being:

  • Accurate: Liquid handlers with low CVs, confident plate handling
  • Flexible: Our tools can be implemented in many different ways
  • Robust: Our products are built to last
  • Compact: We strive to give you back your hood and bench space
  • Efficient: Our software assures all equipment is in use when available
  • Easy to Use: Plug it in and it’s ready to use.

Contact details

Scott VanderWoude
Director of Marketing & International Sales
Hudson Robotics
+1-781-354-4582 mobile

10 Stern Avenue


NJ 07081-2905

001 973.376.7400



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Biological Research

These systems provide scientists with an automated systems for handling various aspects of biological and biochemical research. We provide workcells that automate various readers such as flow cytometers and label-free workcells. We also provide systems that support specific molecular biology applications such as PCR preparation and purification, colony picking or cell culture development. We also have the ProLink Express that provides a complete solution to all of your molecular biology research.

Drug Discovery

GlycoMar is uniquely focused on the development of novel therapies based on saccharide molecules from marine organisms. These molecules offer a unique therapeutic approach with an excellent safety profile. The company has developed a unique library of polysaccharides and glycosaminoglycans. The molecules have been the subject of compositional analysis and partial structural characterisation. Anti-inflammatory screening has shown a high hit rate of valuable activity, which is being developed for respiratory inflammatory disease in collaboration with a pharmaceutical partner. GlycoMar is seeking partners interested in other therapeutic areas including anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-coagulant, and anti-infective.

Click here for more information.

Liquid Handling

These instruments transfer liquids from various sources to SBS-footprint plates. They deliver volumes with very low CVs and can be safely used with live cell cultures. Much of their operation can be controlled and monitored by the SoftLinx control software; however, each instrument also comes with their own software control. The Micro10x multichannel Dispensor comes with an LCD pad controller interface, and the SOLO comes with its own multifunctional Windows-based controller - SOLOSoft.

Microplate Handling

These tools are designed to move SBS-footprint plates around a workcell, place and remove them from stacks and other devices, such as liquid handlers, readers, incubators, etc.

All of Hudson Robotics' equipment can be easily integrated with third-party instruments to create work cells that automate applications and protocols with any level of complexity. Click here for an up-to-date listof third-party instruments that have already been integrated. 
Quick Contact Hudson Robotics
Quick Contact Hudson Robotics
Quick Contact Hudson Robotics

Quick Contact Hudson Robotics
Quick Contact Hudson Robotics
Quick Contact Hudson Robotics

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