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InPheno is a Swiss company providing custom antivirals testing services from screening and lead optimisation support, to candidate profiling and mode of action. We strive to be the one-stop solution for your needs in research and profiling of antiviral drug candidates in the field of HIV, hepatitis, and respiratory viruses.

Flexible antiviral development solutions

We act as an extension of your drug development team and offer a flexible solution that gives you real value whether you are a small biotech company or a large pharmaceutical organisation. InPheno is dedicated to applying the highest standards of science and quality to any work we do. We are committed to integrity and confidentiality, and we offer an interactive relationship with our clients and partners.

Expertise in molecular and cellular assay technology

Our team are specialists in the fields of virology and assay development and between them have several years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Our scientists possess a wide range of expertise in molecular and cellular assay technology alongside considerable knowledge in the development of modern therapeutics. Our expertise assists our customers in developing new medicines for the treatment of life-threatening diseases.

Service Models:

  • Fee-for-service: For many years InPheno has been providing services to internationally operating companies as well as to smaller ones located in the USA and Canada, and in various European, Asian, and African countries.
  • Grant Collaborations: In this model, InPheno works as a collaborative research organization. We have contributed to collaborations with companies or academic groups seeking funds from public bodies or private sources.
  • Partnership: InPheno is open to collaborations on a risk-benefit sharing basis. In this model, the cost of our services is covered by a percentage of the intellectual property rights of the compound(s). Hence, the partner and InPheno will negotiate binding contracts with the aim to share the risk and the benefit of developing antivirals.


Vesalgasse 1
CH-4051 Basel

HBV Drug Development Services

Our preclinical anti-hepatitis drug development services range from screening libraries to the evaluation of the efficacy, toxicity and range of action of your compound. InPheno provides a HBV replication assay in which human hepatoma cells stably express and replicate a HBV genome.

This screening assay identifies compounds blocking the late steps of the virus life cycle including encapsidation, reverse transcription, particle assembly and maturation. Levels of extracellular and / or cytoplasmic HBV DNA are monitored by real time quantitative PCR assay. Compound toxicity is examined using the parental hepatoma cell line.Our assay for profiling drug candidates takes…

HIV-1 Drug Development Services Product PBR

InPheno has been assembling a precious collection of essential tools to meet the complexity of discovery and development of antiretroviral agents. InPheno's HIV platform was designed to help our customers address the issues raised by the FDA in its "points-to-consider" documents on anti-HIV drug development.

Our comprehensive HIV platform allows for the evaluation of antiviral activities in established cell lines and / or in human primary cells using either recombinant viruses or well characterized clinical isolates. All our HIV assays recapitulate the entire virus life cycle and are replicative, be they performed using primary cells or established cell lines.Our platform…

HSV Drug Development Services

Building on the successful introduction of its new lines of product, InPheno now offers assays to identify and biologically profile the activity of compounds inhibiting Herpes simplex virus (HSV).

Replication of herpes simplex virus (HSV) in appropriate cell lines induces a marked cytopathy. This property is used in our assays (plaque or cytopathic effects inhibition) to evaluate and profile the activity of new antivirals against the propagation of HSV in cell culture. Our standard assays are performed using a HSV1 strain while HSV1 and…

Respiratory Virus Drug Development Services

InPheno is dedicated to advancing the discovery and development of new antivirals to fight off major causes of respiratory tract infections. InPheno is offering services in influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and parainfluenza viruses (PIV).

Our assays are monitoring the inhibition of plaque formation or of virus-induced cytopathic effects (CPE) by the compounds under study. These assays can also be used to survey the antibody response in vaccinees or to select neutralizing monoclonal antibodies.Influenza InPheno's assays run with either type A or B influenza reference viruses. A library of ca.…
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