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Based in Zug (Switzerland), Lallemand Pharma International (LPI) is a pharmaceutical subsidiary of the Lallemand group. LPI is in charge of the business and possesses the intellectual property rights of an oral vaccine indicated in the prevention of respiratory infections known as PMBL.

Developing & marketing all around the world drugs containing PMBLTM tablets

Lallemand Pharma AG, subsidiary of LPI, based in Lugano (Switzerland) is dedicated exclusively to the clinical studies, registrations, marketing and sales of this PMBL drug.


Thanks to its important distributor’s network consisting of leading international pharmaceutical companies, the core business of Lallemand Pharma is to develop and market all around the world drugs containing PMBL tablets under different brands.

Lallemand Pharma AG works in a B to B model and provides with key turn PMBL tablets to leading International Pharmaceutical companies.

Our PMBL tablets, made of bacterial lysates obtained by unique mechanical lysis process, are distributed worldwide:

  • EUROPE: Italy, Greece, Poland, Portugal
  • EASTERN EUROPE: Ukraine, CIS countries
  • ASIA: India, South Korea, Sri-Lanka
  • LATAM: Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Péru, Honduras, Guatemala, El-Salvador and Ecuador

Registrations are on-going in ROW countries.

To obtain more information you can connect at:


Piazza Molino Nuovo 17
C.P. 5183
6901 Lugano
Phone: +41 91 98 04 613

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Bacterial Lysates

Bacterial lysates are mixtures of bacterial antigens derived either from single or multiple strains of inactivated pathogenic bacteria. The principle of bacterial lysates is to trigger immune surveillance and to up-regulate immune defences to prevent and help fight infections. Bacterial lysates are sometimes referred to as 'oral vaccines'.

Quick Contact Lallemand Pharma
Quick Contact Lallemand Pharma
Quick Contact Lallemand Pharma

Quick Contact Lallemand Pharma
Quick Contact Lallemand Pharma
Quick Contact Lallemand Pharma

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