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Temperature Management Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry



TSS develops temperature management solutions to ensure sensitive medications are kept in a suitable environment throughout the entire distribution chain.

TSS develops temperature management solutions to ensure sensitive medications are kept in a suitable environment throughout the entire distribution chain.

The company has helped some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies to successfully deliver drugs to patients across 100 countries around the world.

Its solutions are cost-effective, comply with regulatory requirements worldwide and help clients identify and implement sustainable initiatives.

Cloud temperature management solutions for the supply chain

TSS maintains drug distribution throughout the supply chain using its Cloud temperature management solution. Featuring advanced analytics tools, the system ensures quick identification of sustainable initiatives that comply with industry regulations and increase drug safety.

The company guides clients through the changing dynamics of the supply chain and how this affects temperature monitoring requirements. It keeps consistent communication with the client throughout each project to discuss equipment performance and the optimisation of services.

TSS also takes on board client feedback, which has recently led to the inclusion of real-time global positioning system (GPS) monitoring, AI software and mean kinetic temperature (MKT) analysis options.

Global Cloud-based solution for end-to-end delivery

The TSS Cloud solution was developed in close partnership with some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. It is used in a wide range of segments, from global pharmaceutical manufacturers to contract manufacturing organisations (CMO), contract research organisations (CRO) and biotechnology firms.

The Cloud solution improves the performance of service providers by streamlining the delivery process and identifying sustainability initiatives.

Analytics and insights for drug delivery

The TSS Cloud temperature management system’s analytics provides an overview of the supply chain for the identification of trends and implementation of cost-saving programmes.

The analytics can also be a key component of a risk-based approach to managing the supply chain.

About TSS

As a global quality standard in safe and sustainable drug delivery, TSS’ Cloud solution is used to ensure the safety of millions of patients every day.

Its data-driven analytics tools ensures that regulatory compliance is achieved and helps identify sustainable initiatives that save pharmaceutical companies millions of dollars annually.

Supply Chain Management

The Supply Chain Management application is the operational centre of the TSS solution. It provides you with a complete and transparent overview of your operations. Get live updates with intuitive dashboards and reports Get an instant understanding of your supply chain performance, as all information in the application can be viewed in real-time intuitive dashboards,…

Mission Management

TSS' Mission Management application is a control centre for every mission, from point-of-distribution to delivery and upload of logger data. Automatically store mission data in the Cloud All mission data is automatically entered into the shipment report and stored in the cloud. The finalized shipment report is issued once mission data is uploaded from a…

Powerful Analytics

In TSS' Analytics application, you can compare everything from shipment routes and modes of transport to freight forwarder performance, as well as the impact different packaging has on a drug. The system can also be integrated with any enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to further refine shipment analysis. Any report can be generated or exported…

Real-Time Monitoring

In the TSS Real-Time application, you can follow your most valuable shipments live, all the way to the last mile. From reactive to proactive drug delivery The TSS Real-Time application enables you to act proactively and intervene if an excursion is likely to occur. If an excursion can’t be avoided, drugs can be replaced in-transit…

Incident Management

TSS' Incident Management application enables you to keep a complete and transparent record of any shipment incidents and add them to the shipment report. Log incidents in shipping reports Incidents such as tampering, theft or damage to packaging can be added to stability excursion data for review by multiple parties. The system automatically connects the…

Monitoring Equipment

With a complete range of monitoring equipment, TSS can help you reliably monitor your products around the world, or just down the street. This includes everything from one of the world’s most reliable data loggers to a secure data gateway to the Cloud. We can also help you integrate your choice of monitor to work…
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TSS develops temperature management solutions to ensure sensitive medications are kept in a suitable environment throughout the entire distribution chain.
20th February 2019
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