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April 6, 2020

Multi-Task Intense Pulsed UV Light System for Air and Surfaces

Capable of reaching 6 logs sterilization of ALL micro-organisms in several seconds.
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Wek-Tec offers cost-effective R&D systems for pharmaceutical and food professionals to develop novel product sterilization or modification methods with:

  • Intense Pulsed Light with a customer-defined spectral output
  • High Voltage Pulsed Electrical Fields (PEF) with up to 30kV/cm fields
  • Vortex UVC-UV technology for various powders
  • Pulsed magnetic fields of up to 35-40 Tesla for bio-medical and material development

Examples for using these or similar systems:

  • Up to 6 logs fast sterilization of saline medical solutions inside fusion bags, including UV-resistant B. Pumilos spores
  • Sterilizing contact lenses in UV transparent covers
  • Sterilizing various packs
  • Sanitizing juices with PEF systems
  • PEF assisted extraction of natural colours or juices from vegetative cells
  • UV sanitation of powders
  • High pulsed magnetic fields for modification of biological objects or materials

Advantages of using all wek-tec R&D systems:

  • These are user-friendly bench-top compact systems,
  • Broad range of process parameters to select from simple controls on the front
  • System parameters, the geometry of processing chambers and process controls are welcomed for customization before ordering
  • Easy sample handling
  • No harmful by-products, neither UV and electro-magnetic leaks to outside
  • Competitive costs
  • Developing technical documentation for a planned production system for constructing at a vendor of a customer choice
  • All three methods do not require labelling when transferred to production,
  • Customer support, evaluation tests at wek-tec or renting systems out

Contact details

wek-tec e. K.
D-78244 Gottmadingen

T: +49 (0)172 70844 37,

HV Pulsed Electrical Fields

Finding conditions for cost-effective in-line non-invasive sterilization of medical solutions, juices or creams is now possible with Pulsed Electrical Fields (PEF) R&D systems. The same system can be equipped for the PEF-assisted non-invasive extraction of valuable colours and juices from vegetative cells. Wek-tec offers a user-friendly system with broad operating parameters - more details can…

Intense Pulsed Light System

Reaching advanced R&D objectives in non-invasive pulsed light sterilization requires a user-friendly bench-top R&D system with broad operating parameters for not only reproducing already known results but also reaching a leap step forward in the process development. Please inquire for this unique fully automated PL system from Wek-tec plus review three other semi-automatic systems each…

Multi-Task Intense Pulsed UV Light System

Multi-Task Intense Pulsed UV Light System for air and surfaces in hospital and office rooms capable in a few sec reaching 6 logs sterilization of ALL micro-organisms, which efficiency has been proven for the UV most resistant spores - B. Pumilos on our test system by the Baxter Corp. (USA) at the certified medical lab…

Modifications of Bio-medical Staffs with High Magnetic Fields

The peak magnetic field in this compact 8cm x 8cm x 18cm chamber can reach 35Tesla. Till now the major alternative for such R&D was renting the time on large facilities with fast oscillating strong magnetic fields. Yet many R&D tasks can be performed a rate of one in 10 sec, which our system delivers…

Nutrition Powder UV Sanitation

Developing non-invasive sanitation of powders is possible in the Nitrogen gas atmosphere used in our Vortex-type UVC system. Since powders vary substantially in its properties than evaluation tests are mandatory. Obtained results will be used for scaling this process up for up to 1,000kg/h both as batch or continuous flow systems. This system can be…
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Multi-Task Intense Pulsed UV Light System for Air and Surfaces

Capable of reaching 6 logs sterilization of ALL micro-organisms in several seconds.
6th April 2020
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