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AtoZ-CRO is a full-service Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) located in Overath near Cologne, Germany, with almost 30 years experience in clinical development and clinical study management. As a specialist for Germany, Europe, the US and India, AtoZ-CRO offers a broad range of professional services and partner solutions for international clinical studies with pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Clinical studies of Phase I through Phase IV for national & international clients

Since its founding in 1984, AtoZ-CRO, formerly known as DR MED LENHARD & PARTNER, has formed a network of motivated local monitors and investigators in Germany, Eastern and Western Europe, the US and India and has since gathered extensive experience in national and international research in all important areas of therapeutics.

From its head office located in the scenic town Overath, Germany, AtoZ-CRO manages and coordinates clinical studies of Phase I through Phase IV for national and international clients. The company forms a team of 35 highly experienced and dedicated industry professionals and medical specialists ensuring high professional standards in clinical study management.

"AtoZ-CRO: serving your clinical study needs from A to Z for nearly 30 years"

Originally focusing on clinical studies within Eastern European countries, AtoZ-CRO cooperates with a leading initiator of Phase I studies in Warsaw, Poland, within easy reach for test subjects and patients and in close proximity to a number of large hospitals.

In February 2007, Dr. med Karl-Peter Klein took over as Managing and Medical Director of AtoZ-CRO and led the activities of the company to new dimensions. Under his directions, AtoZ-CRO successfully expanded its services to Western Europe and the UK, and more recently overseas to the US and India.

AtoZ-CRO has since established close collaborations with leading professional partners in those countries, guaranteeing very short recruitment periods and highly motivated investigators and experienced staff at study sites.

AtoZ-CRO has short-term monitoring capacities available

Based on the company’s long-established international experiences in clinical trial management and cooperation with high-rated business partners, AtoZ-CRO is proud to offer a broad range of services covering all clinical research needs especially that of small and mid-sized pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies, from the planning stages to the final integrated study report:

  • Clinical studies with Pharmaceuticals Phase I – IV (Children and Adults)
  • Studies with Radiopharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Cosmetics and Nutritional Agents
  • Submission and Regulatory Affairs activities in Europe, the US and India
  • Pharmacovigilance Services
  • Statistical Analysis and Solutions
  • Medical Writing and Translations



Clinical Research
Leyenhaus 29
51491 Overath
Tel.: +49 (0) 22 06 9 59 90
Fax: + 49 (0) 22 06 8 20 63

Managing Director
Dr. med. Karl-Peter Klein

Clinical Research
Dr. rer. nat. Jörg Peine

Business Development
Alexa Foltin M.Sc.

AtoZ-CRO GmbH is registered in the Commercial Registry at Cologne Local Court under the number HRB 45928. Its value-added tax identification number is DE 121 97 2309.

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AtoZ-CRO Services

AtoZ-CRO offers the following services:

CLINICAL STUDIES PHASE I-VPlanning of clinical studiesGenerating Study ProtocolDesign and implementation of Case Report Forms (CRFs)Processing of applications for Authorities and Ethical permissionsMONITORINGRecruitment and assessment of Study centresInitiation of Study centresTraining of Investigators and their staffMonitoring of Study centresSource Data Verification (SDV)Checking of CRFs for Completeness and CorrectnessMaintaining communication between Investigators and SponsorCoordination of Investigational…
Quick Contact AtoZ-CRO
Quick Contact AtoZ-CRO
Quick Contact AtoZ-CRO

Quick Contact AtoZ-CRO
Quick Contact AtoZ-CRO
Quick Contact AtoZ-CRO

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