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Promega UK

May 25, 2022

Promega Spring Art Showcase Presents Light and Color Featuring Three Wisconsin Artists

The Promega Spring Art Showcase presents Light and Color featuring Wisconsin artists: Steve Feren, Derrick Loring Buisch and Gregory Zeszotarski....
pharmacuetical business review
June 14, 2012

New Promega Luciferase is Smaller, Brighter, and More Versatile

Promega Corporation announces the launch of a novel luciferase that is smaller, brighter, and more versatile than any current bioluminescent...
pharmacuetical business review


Promega UK

Promega is a renowned innovator of reagents and consumables for the life sciences and drug discovery industries, with a solid reputation for expert technical support. With over 2,000 catalogue products, a growing portfolio of custom offerings and OEM solutions, Promega enables scientists and businesses alike to advance their research and their competitiveness.

Delivering the latest technologies in time and with savings

Working closely with customers, to understand their research efforts and business drivers, Promega brings both knowledge and reagents from both the product portfolio and development pipelines into play. Promega offers access to the latest, market-leading technologies whilst appreciating the need to deliver savings from a cost and time perspective. This approach engenders both a deep relationship and a critical business alignment.

From humble beginnings to world leading assay provider

Founded in 1978, with what started as the production of enzymes for molecular biology researchers, Promega has evolved to support a broad array of applications including basic research, drug discovery, forensics and paternity testing, and hospital and clinic-based research. Products, such as cell based assays, specialised biochemicals, chemicals, enzymes, peptides, antibodies and nucleic acids are used primarily by customers to understand the molecular basis of life, potential mechanisms of disease and to identify targets for drug development.


The value of Promega reagents derives from the purity, ease of use, effectiveness, compatibility with other materials or other instruments and the unique physical and chemical characteristics of the reagents.

For example, starting with a single well defined reaction, Promega has developed a solid technology platform from which hundreds of unique in vitro biochemical and cell based assays have been configured to provide solutions enabling the development of better drugs faster.


Focussing predominantly on bioluminescence, Promega’s assays deliver better profiling data, more biologically relevant data and an increased understanding of biology. These form the bedrock of target identification, validation and screening in many pharmaceutical, biotechnology and contract research organisations where the volume of assays can vary from a few per day at small academic laboratories to tens of thousands per day at pharmaceutical and clinical laboratories.

Research, development and GMP manufacturing

Promega has extensive research and development capabilities, 99% of what Promega sells is developed and manufactured by Promega, which enables the company to respond quickly and flexibly to the needs of customers and to the opportunities with in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science markets.

View from the South Side

In 2012 many new technologies and products will be launched, particularly in the field of bioluminescent drug discovery assays. Additionally a brand new, purpose built GMP manufacturing plant is under construction to accommodate the increasing demand for Promega’s GMP quality products from OEM customers, who incorporate them into their own kits and products.

Located in the 400-acre Fitchburg Center for mixed-use community, in Madison, Wisconsin, Promega Corporation provides its employees with an outstanding work environment designed to foster innovation and creativity.


Promega UK Ltd
Delta House
Southampton Science Park
SO16 7NS
Tel: Customer Service: 0800 378994
Tel: Technical service: 0800 559900

Custom and OEM solutions

Promega also offers custom services on an expansive line of products targeting the areas of genomics, proteomics in addition to cellular analysis and high throughput screening.

Consult and SupportConsult with peers. Promega scientists are available to discuss research plans.Improve efficiency. Specify size, concentration and formulation. No need to mix it yourself.Save money. Buy what you use. Order only the components you need.Ensure a consistent reaction. ISO quality standards mean your custom products will perform the same every time.Lot reservation: Reserve a…

Custom Assays

Promega offers partnering solutions to develop complete biology driven, Promega technology-enabled custom solutions.

Cell Engineering: Target expression in both normal and disease statesAssay Development and Qualification: Target class expertise and multiple assay formatsAssay Ready Cells In-Scale: Pharmacological qualification and unparalleled client supportPromega will combine the right tools, expert staff, and best-in-class detection technology to develop complete custom biochemical and cell-based assays. Just look for the "Custom Assays Services"…

Extensive range of assays for drug discovery and research

Cell Health AssaysPromega offers a wide range of sensitive, fast and reliable assays for determining cell health, crucial in the understanding of cancer biology, compound toxicity and cellular response to cytokines and other biological questions.Selecting the most suitable assay to measure cell viability or cytotoxicity from the many options available requires an understanding of the…

Molecular Biology

A full range of all essential reagents from qPCR to Maxwell®'s automated nucleic acid purification system.

Promega’s comprehensive assay range also includes…

Cell Signalling including GPCRs, cAMP and GloResponse™ cell lines.Epigenetic Assays such as HDAC-Glo™ I/II assay and SIRT-Glo™ AssayKinases including the Gold Standard, universal ADP-Glo™ Assay with supreme signal strength at low ATP conversion.Proteases, open platform protease assays with the supreme sensitivity of bioluminescence and unique substrates for trypsin-like, chymotrypsin-like and caspase -like activities, plus DUB/SENP/NEDP…

Protein Interaction

HaloTag® Technology Platform gives flexibility between protein purification, expression, localisation, protein interaction discovery, screening and further functional analysis.
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