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UV-VIS Spectral Analysis of DNA/RNA, Protein or Small Compounds



Trinean develops and produces a new approach for high throughput full scan UV-VIS spectral analysis of microliter droplets of DNA/RNA, protein or small compounds.

Trinean is a premium instrumentation company, pushing the boundaries of micro-volume molecular spectroscopy to a next level, with a strong focus on accuracy, throughput and sample quality assessment. Trinean brings value to its customers by combining first-in-class analytical software with proprietary, standardized read-out platforms thereby helping scientists around the globe to save time and money on costly samples and reagents while gaining in accuracy and speed.


Founded in 2006 as a spin-out of the Ghent University, Belgium and Imec Leuven, Belgium, the company develops and commercializes analytical platforms for precise quantification of biological samples and in-depth sample purity analysis. Trinean’s UV/VIS readers combined with microfluidic sample carriers, allow for fast UV/VIS analysis of droplet samples (2µl), extracting accurate quantitative information while detecting sample contaminants. The Trinean technology is the method of choice for QC and QA of DNA, RNA or Protein samples, given its sample purity analysis, dynamic range and operational efficiency.

Trinean products include two platforms: the Xpose™ for ‘Touch & Go’ bio-molecule quantification and the DropSense96™, analyzing up to 96 samples, using microfluidic chips for standardized sample analysis (DropPlates and Xpose Slides). The Trinean platform is complemented with a software toolbox (including DropControl, DropQuant, cDrop™) for improved data interpretation and lab-automation.

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DropPlate 96

The TRINEAN DropPlate 96 has been designed to be read with the DropSense 96.

This unique design resolves the following issues when measuring small droplets of liquids:No evaporation during dispensing and measuringSmall path lengths allowing measurement of small volumes (1,5 - 2,5 µL)Path length for high concentrations: 0,2mmPath length for low concentrations: 1mmWide dynamic range: 2ng to 3500ng dsDNANo meniscus as with microplatesDisposable microfluidic chip with sample 96 positions.Input…

DropSense 96

The TRINEAN technology allows UV/VIS spectroscopy in droplets of samples (0,5 to 2,5 µL) and is compatible with standard micoplate liquid handlers and robots.

The technology is a combination of the DropSense 96 polychromatic microplate reader with the DropPlate 96 consumable. This technology allows quantification of DNA/RNA and proteins in small samples, without utilisation of a manual reader, or diluting of the sample in a UV 96 microplate.The systems provide a full spectrum scan of each sample and generate…


The DropSense™ 96 platform offers dye-free quantification of DNA, RNA or protein samples in a micro-volume 96well format. Precise UV/VIS spectral droplet (2µl) analysis combined with unique cDrop™ spectral content profiling software allows specific quantification and detection of contaminants as in-depth content QC. Additional software tools are available for robot integration and compliance in regulatory environments.

The Trinean Dropsense™96 micro-volume reader is designed for high throughput quantification of native nucleic acid or protein samples. Combined with its unique microfluidic 96-well DropPlates, micro-volume (2µl) quantification is made possible in a fully automated workflow. A complete software toolbox is available for detailed sample QC, robot integration and compliance in regulatory environments.Key featuresDroplet samples:…


The Xpose™ 'Touch & Go' reader is a next generation micro-volume QC tool offering high-speed DNA, RNA and proteins quantification and in-depth contamination analysis.

Simply load your samples (2µl) onto the Xpose slides on your bench, insert the slide into the Xpose reader and select the quantification app on the touch screen. No repetitive drop & clean actions. Pre-defined apps on the touch screen allow selection of traditional spectroscopy (A260/A280) or advanced spectral content profiling able to quantify isolated…
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