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Release of C+ Centrifuge Addition for Fully Automated Sample Preparation Clarification


SOTAX has launched the C+, an automated centrifuge module for clarification of samples during fully automated sample preparations. The SOTAX TPW and APW Automated Work Stations already include robust sample filtration capabilities.

However, several sample prep methods require centrifugation as primary mode for sample clarification such as:

  • Lotions, Pastes, Ointments
  • Polymer-heavy tablet formulations
  • Hormone formulations
  • Food Science Applications
  • Suspensions (Pharma, Food, Manufacturing Industries)

Bob Houser, Product Manager for Fully Automated Sample Preparation on the new module: "The SOTAX C+, Centrifuge Addition (C+) provides enhanced sample clarification capabilities. We’ve seen many cases where the addition of this step will help to solve the challenge of samples that REQUIRE centrifugation or centrifugation followed by filtration".

SOTAX has chosen the Hettich Rotina 380 Robotic Centrifuge for connection to its fully automated sample prep systems. The Hettich benchtop centrifuge is available in cooled and non-cooled configurations. It is also available as a standalone system or connected to the fully automated unit. Combined with the C+, it will elegantly handle the entire centrifuge process including robotic transfer of tubes to and from TPW / APW, automated speed, time and temperature control, and automated tube "balancing" for uneven sample numbers / weight. The C+ can be ordered with all new TPW / APW systems and is and upgradable addition to existing units.

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