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Laboratory Automation, Scale-up, Thermal Process Safety and Pilot Plant Control...



SYSTAG, System Technik is a global provider for lab automation and solutions in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry specialising in integrated automation projects, from development to pilot plant and process control, including thermal process analysing for a safe process design.

Flexy Concept

The company offers its customers conceptual and result-oriented solutions and services for the chemical process development, including the necessary thermal safety analysis tools.

In addition to standard turn-key applications, it is able to integrate existing equipment or, alternatively, it is available as a partner for customer-specific solutions.

Customised controlled lab reactors for process development laboratory

FlexyConcept is a single platform for a wide range of applications, allowing fast and easy implementation of various configurations.

Easy interfacing accompanied with a modular technology and consistent documentation leaves nothing to be desired.

SYSTAG provides:

•   Parallel process development tools from 20ml up to 400ml

•   Recipe controlled lab reactors from 500ml up to > 20lt

Reaction calorimetry and thermal analysis for design of safe process

The use of state-of-the-art technology in SYSTAG’s products ensures a high level of added value and safeguards your investment in a sustained and integrated way.

SYSTAG key technology provides:

•   Combined reaction calorimeter for heat-flow and heat-balance

•   Thermal safety calorimeter for TMR, Arrhenius, Runaway-Scenario

Simple scale-up from lab to pilot scale

SYSTAG identifies with its customers in different market segments and enjoys a lasting and close relationship with its partners.

The company’s long-standing partnership with the chemical industry, its high-quality standards and the commitment of its staff guarantee a high level of reliability and satisfaction.

The company provides:

•   Controlled pilot plants

•   Process control systems, including IQ/OQ, CFR21 Part 11 compliant

The use of SYSTAG’s products enables you to design your process faster, more economically and with focus towards thermal process safety.


SYSTAG, System Technik AG
Bahnhofstr. 76
CH-8803 Rueschlikon

Tel: +41-44-704 54 54
Fax: +41-44-704 54 55

Calo2310 – The ‘All-in-One’ Reaction Calorimeter

The Calo2310pro is the newest reaction calorimeter for safety investigations as well as scale-up studies, based on the unique combination of the heat flow and heat balance method.

SYSTAG presents Calo2310 BS (BenchScale), an advanced system for combined heat flow and heat balance methods in a new design. The compact look perfectly disguises the many integrated features. In addition to the now standard and complementing testing methods heat-flow (HF) & heat-balance calorimetry (HBC), the following operations have also been included: Adiabatic process controlsVolumetric dosing…

FilDry – Optimisation of Pharmaceutical Filtration and Drying Process

FilDry is a laboratory device for the investigation of filtration and drying processes for the chemical process development and scale-up or scale-down.

FilDry is a filter and paddle dryer based on SYSTAG automated laboratory equipment. Apart of the straightforward temperature- and vacuum control all other basic operations like filtration, washing, re-slurrying and drying optimisation are built into this new and revolutionary filter dryer.The configuration with customised reactor design makes the filtration and drying optimisation simple and easy.…

FlexyALR – Versatile Controlled Lab Reactor

Flexible automation for syntheses, lab scale and pilot plant applications with capacities from 0.1l to 100l to operate a number of reactors with a single PC to simulate a complete process flow.

The most outstanding feature of the FlexyALR is its modularity down to its individual components. It is pri-marily suitable to develop systems, which can be built up with capacities from 0.1l to 100l. If it is required to operate a number of reactors with a single PC, the concept will accommodate this, as well as…

FlexyCUBE – Process Development by Laboratory Automation

FlexyCUBE allows you to develop drugs, API’s or intermediates in an easier and faster way and at a lower cost than before. Thanks to the autonomous operation of multiple parallel reactor units, you will reduce the time spent on the different chemical syntheses and will thus already minimise costs in the stage of development.

FlexyCUBE opens up almost unlimited possibilities. No matter whether you are developing a new product or optimising an existing process, FlexyCUBE improves your efficiency. You can conduct your experiments elegantly and with effortless ease, based on SYSTAG's proven Windows software. Individual control of reactorsLike a Joker, you may employ FlexyCUBE whenever several experiments have to be…


FlexyPlant is our answer to the special automation requirements of kilo laboratory and pilot plants.

On the one hand, the material quantities used require production-related process control and a serviceable safety concept. On the other hand, the operating team must be capable of reacting quickly and flexibly to deviations from the expected procedure. SYSTAG supplies solutions for the kilo lab / pilotOver 30 years of experience in the automation of…

FlexyTSC – Adiabatic Thermal Safety Analysis

FlexyTSC is one of the most common adiabatic calorimeter world-wide to determine thermal stability, storage stability or self heating rate of substances, intermediates and reaction mixtures, in respect of the Runaway-Scenario.

Extensive investigations are necessary to safely operate process equipment and also to achieve safe transport of chemical components. Analytical data is gathered in parallel from one to six RADEX measuring devices. Depending on the outcome of the results, this process is continued with SEDEX or SIKAREX through a more in-depth analysis. The new FlexyTSC offers standardised…
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