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Finesse Solutions

California-based Finesse Solutions, LLC, leads the way in developing new measurement and control technologies, in order to enable the transition to single-use systems, bring new capabilities to existing bioreactor platforms, and harmonise global bio-process information transfer.

Our current product family provides comprehensive measurement and control solutions for upstream processes in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

DeltaV based supervisory and control and data acquisition (SCADA) system

Not quite ready to replace your bioreactor control hardware? Let us ease your transition by upgrading the capability of your installed base. We can harmonise your existing third party controllers into a DeltaV based supervisory and control and data acquisition (SCADA) system – allowing you to historise data, use more sophsiticated control strategies adn add more peripherals.

Complete and scalable single-use solutions

We’ll configure to order a powerful, affordable bioreactor automation system for you. Our next generation sensor, hardware and software solutions simplify your data collection, harmonise your peripherals and provide unequalled performance, thanks to their DeltaV heritage. We also offer the only complete and scalable single-use solutions on the market.

From R&D to manufacturing, Finess Solutions puts you in control. Our vision is to improve your productivity by offering high quality products for running your bioreactors. Whether you are running a 1L glass vessel or a 1,000L cGMP single-use bioreactor, we provide complete solutions: sensors, hardware and software that are reliable, affordable and easy to use.

71 Daggett Dr.
San Jose
CA 95134

Toll-free: 800-598-9515
Tel.: 408-570-9000
Fax: 888-249-2497

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TruDO – Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

The TruDO® family of re-buildable dissolved oxygen sensors is designed for superior performance. The semi-automated manufacturing process results in greater repeatability and improved reliability of these sensors in bioprocess applications such as cell culture and fermentation.

Features: Fast response Highly repeatable Proven reliability Suitable for autoclave, SIP and CIP Certified "Like for Like" replacement for Broadley-James/Mettler-Toledo

TruBio DV Bioprocess Control Software

TruBio® DV software is a hardware independent, highly configurable interface to the DeltaV control platform that has been developed with GAMP4 methods and validated for cGMP applications.

TruBio DV software is pre-configured with algorithms for controlling bioprocess parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, agitation, pressure, foam, level, gas/ liquid flow, and weight, as well as supporting redundant sensor loops such as pH, temperature, or dissolved oxygen. TruBio DV software can be used with glass vessels, wave bioreactors and most types of…

TruBio™ IOQ

Finesse takes the guesswork out of validation by offering TruBio IOQ to complement its open, fully configurable TruBio operating system (TruBio OS).

Upon completing TruBio IOQ, users will establish documented evidence assuring that TruBio OS meets all user requirements and design specifications. TruBio IOQ provides objective evidence that TruBio OS performs consistently and accurately per its intended use and user needs. TruBio IOQ follows and incorporates established GAMP4 guidelines to ensure that TruBio OS is compliant with…


The TruCables family of products is designed for improved performance, better repeatability and increased reliability in bioprocess applications such as cell culture and fermentation.

Features: Optimum performance Designed for high performance Compatible with Broadley-James and Mettler Toledo Available with S8, K8, D4/T82 or VP connectors Lengths of 6ft (2m) or 10ft (3m)

TruCell2 Sensor

The TruCell®2 sensor is a near-infrared light absorption sensor that comprises a sensor probe, selectable from a variety of configurations, a cable, and a transmitter.

The transmitter integrates the signal processing, power con-version, 4mA -20mA output signal generation, and user interface functions in one package. TruCell2 Probe The sensor probe employs a FDA-approved PFA® sensor head with possible alternative optical path lengths (OPL) of 5mm (fermentation) or 10mm (cell culture). The fluid inside the reactor, vessel or process piping passes…


The TruConnect™ gateway is an interface between proprietary ASCII serial devices and the TruLogic™ Controller (DeltaV™ controller with Modbus).

TruConnect gateways currently support Applikon ADI 1010 or 1030 controllers. TruConnect gateways can harmonise an installed base of proprietary controllers into a DeltaV™ control system, either as a monitoring only system, or as a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system. Features: Cost-effective gateway for proprietary serial to Modbus protocol conversion Monitoring only or SCADA…

TruDO Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

TruDO® Optical probes solve the problems associated with traditional DO sensors i.e., midrun sensor failure, polarisation, leaking electrolyte, broken or poisoned cathodes.

The TruDO Optical sensor has one replaceable part, the sensor cap. Unlike a traditional DO sensor, the TruDO sensor cap needs to be replaced very infrequently (every six months or so). In side by side tests the sensor tracks traditional DO probes without the need for membrane replacement after every run or two. In addition…

TruFluor DO – Preliminary Single Use Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probe

The TruFluor™ dissolved oxygen and temperature sensor is a single-use solution consisting of a disposable sheath, an optical reader, and a transmitter.

The single-use sheath can be pre-inserted in a disposable bioreactor bag port and irradiated with the bag, in order to both preserve and guarantee the sterile barrier. All wetted materials of the sheath are USP class VI compliant. The optical reader utlises an LED and a large area photodiode with integrated optical filtering, that minimises…


TruHousings are designed to protect valuable electrodes and sensors when used in bioreactors or fermentors.

These housings are manufactured from 316L S.S. and have been designed to interface with Standard Ingold, B. Braun safety and sanitary ports. Features: Interfaces to Standard Ingold, B. Braun safety and sanitary ports FDA approved wetted materials Pg 13.5 threaded insertion for sensors Guarded and unguarded designs Material certs available

TruLogic Controller

The TruLogic™ Controller is powered by a DeltaV Controller capable of controlling up to twelve bioreactors.

Each TruLogic Controller can be networked with additional TruLogic Controllers to create a control network capable of managing several hundred bioreactors. A TruLogic can be connected to TruViu hardware, or other peripheral hardware devices for flexible bioreactor control. Finally, a TruLogic Controller can also interface to other OPC compliant instrumentation through the DeltaV network computers.…


TruMigrations have been developed to harmonise and upgrade the installed base of older, proprietary bioreactor control systems.

A TruMigration occurs when it is determined that an existing bioreactor control system is no longer able to meet the demands of the process. TruMigrations seek to provide a cost-effective, easy-to-implement solution, wherein the user can retain existing process hardware, yet overlay the capability and features of TruBio™ software with the reliability and power of…

TrupH – pH Electrodes

The TrupH® family of 12mm pH electrodes is designed for improved performance. The automated manufacturing process results in better repeatability and increased reliability of these electrodes in bioprocess applications such as cell culture and fermentation.

Features: Fast response Highly repeatable Proven reliability Suitable for autoclave, SIP and CIP Certified "Like for Like" replacement for Broadley-James/Mettler-Toledo

TruTrans™ Transmitters

The TruTrans family of pH and dissolved oxygen transmitters is designed with biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications in mind. These units feature full text prompts, menu driven configuration, large backlit LCD display and isolated 4mA –20mA outputs.

The TruCell2 – Cell Density Transmitter is a remote, pipe or panel mounted, instrument which has been designed to optimize the performance and reliability of the TruCell2 Cell Density Sensor by enabling automatic zeroing, temperature compensation, diagnostics, curve fitting and verification. The TruFluor™ DO Transmitter is a remote, pipe or panel mounted, instrument which has…


TruViu™ PLSS has been specially designed for single-use pilot and small scale production bioprocess applications (< 2000L).

The system consists of an I/O tower, a Transmitter Tower, a Pump Tower, and a Gas Manifold, as well as a large range of peripherals(cart, HMI, scales, sensors, external pumps, etc.) TruViu PLSS interfaces easily with the TruLogic™ Controller to deliver optimal performance when using TruBio® DV software. TruViu PLSS is designed to be flexible,…


TruViu™ RDPD has been specially designed for R&D and PD bioprocess applications.

The system consists of an I/O tower and a Pump Tower, with an optional Junction Box and/or Gas Manifold. TruViu RDPD interfaces easily with the TruLogic™ Controller to deliver the optimal performance when using the TruBio® DV software. TruViu RDPD is designed to be modular and configurable, in order to maximise ease-of-use, and provide maximum…
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