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Gerresheimer is a speciality glass and plastics manufacturer for applications in the pharmaceutical packaging industry.

Gerresheimer is a speciality glass and plastics manufacturer for applications in the pharmaceutical packaging industry.

With operations worldwide, the company’s comprehensive portfolio includes insulin pens, micropumps, inhalers, prefillable syringes, vials, ampoules and medical containers.

Its products can be categorised into plastic / glass primary packaging, drug delivery devices and micropumps, as well as packaging for the cosmetics, nutritional supplements, life science, food and beverage industries.

Glass for primary packaging of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Gerresheimer produces glass packaging for solid and liquid pharmaceuticals.

The company’s portfolio comprises pharmaceutical bottles, ampoules, vials, cartridges and syringes. Available in coloured and opaque opal glass varieties, its moulded glass products feature a wide range of glass categories, including borosilicate glass (type 1) and soda-silica glass (types 2 and 3). The glass can be printed or etched on request.

The Gx RTF glass syringes meet international pharmaceutical industry regulatory requirements. They can be delivered pre-sterilised and ready-to-fill or pre-filled.

Gerresheimer’s ampoules portfolio comprises type 1 pharma glass units made using flint or amber glass. With filling capacities of up to 30ml, the ampoules include closed, funnel-type or straight-stem options with break systems such as core ring, colour break ring (CBR) and one point cut (OPC)

The company’s pen and dental cartridges have fill volumes of around 1.5ml-3.0ml, with individual options such as ammonium sulphate treatment for enhanced surface resistance.

Plastic medical devices for safe drug delivery

Gerresheimer’s plastics and devices division is composed of the medical plastic systems, plastic packaging and syringe systems business units.

It manufactures high-quality, customised drug delivery systems, diagnostics and medical products, focusing on inhalers, injection pens, lancing devices, laboratory disposables and point-of-care tests.

The company provides services across the creation chain, ranging from concept development to mould making and special-purpose machinery engineering in order to move medical device concepts from initial idea to market-ready products.

The Medical Plastic Systems unit develops complex plastic systems and components for customers in the pharmaceutical, diagnostics and medical technology sectors. The unit provides an individual service across all supply chain processes.

The Plastic Packaging unit’s portfolio includes plastic packaging systems for liquid and solid pharmaceuticals. Administration and dosing systems such as eye drop or nasal spray bottles and special containers for tablets and powder are some of the products in our comprehensive range of high-quality primary pharmaceutical packaging.

Duma brand multifunctional closures with tamper-evident seals, child-resistant and senior-friendly closures and integrated moisture absorbers are key product features in the Plastic Packaging range.

Syringe Systems supplements the other two business units’ portfolios with pre-fillable plastic and glass syringe systems and the relevant accessories. Gerresheimer’s highly specialised expertise and pharmaceutical-compliant technologies enable the company to offer high-quality primary packaging products to its customers in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.

The firm generates most of its syringe system revenues with its leading Gx RTF® brand syringes, which are supplied in a wide range of designs, in a ready-to-fill state after washing, siliconisation, pre-assembly and sterilisation.

Reusable glassware for beakers, tubes, pipettes and vials

The Life Science Research Division produces reusable laboratory glassware for research, development and analytics, such as beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks and measuring cylinders, as well as disposable laboratory products such as culture tubes, pipettes, chromatography vials and other speciality laboratory glassware.

Advanced Technologies

The Advanced Technologies Division develops and manufactures intelligent drug delivery systems. The Swiss tech company Sensile Medical forms the basis of this division, where we offer pharmaceutical and biotech companies drug delivery systems with state-of-the-art digital and electronic capabilities. Its portfolio currently comprises patented micropumps, which are used to self-administer medication for Parkinson’s or heart failure, for example. Also in development is a platform for smart inhalation measurement systems.

About Gerresheimer

Gerresheimer generates revenues of around €1.4bn, focusing on a comprehensive portfolio of packaging for the safe delivery of medical products, food, cosmetics and drinks.

The company’s worldwide operations hire around 10,000 employees across Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

Gerresheimer’s glass offerings include bottles, vials, ampoules, cartridges and syringes, while plastic products include bottles, containers, vials and syringes.

The company’s range of glass and plastic cosmetics packaging can be used for perfumes and personal care items. The packs can be customised to meet client requirements.

For food applications, Gerresheimer’s standard and customised offerings are made using moulded glass, available in amber, coloured or opal glass in a wide range of shapes. Finishing techniques such as satin-frosting, printing, acid etching and silkscreen printing are available for full customisation.


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Gerresheimer's pharmaceutical ampoules are made with years of expertise and are in demand by customers worldwide.

Gerresheimer's pharmaceutical ampoules are made with years of expertise and are in demand by customers worldwide. Even its standard range of Gx®Ampoules offers you a wide variety of high-quality products. Several options complete this range and enable the company to match the type and properties of its Gx®Ampoules to your special requirements and needs beyond…

Pharmaceutical Bottles

Gerresheimer manufactures an extensive range of glass and plastic bottles for the pharmaceutical industry.

Gerresheimer manufactures an extensive range of glass and plastic bottles for the pharmaceutical industry. Its European product range includes: Syrup bottles Shaped bottles Dropper bottles Tablet bottles Wide-mouth jars Cream pots Injection bottles Infusion bottles Transfusion bottles Chemical / technical Its North American product range features: Moulded serum bottles (13mm finish serum, 20mm finish serum,…


Gerresheimer is an approved cartridges manufacturer for numerous applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

Gerresheimer is an approved cartridges manufacturer for numerous applications in the pharmaceutical industry. The company's Gx® cartridges range from 1.5ml to 10ml in clear and amber (glass type I). To fulfil the quality demands of its customers, all Gx® Cartridge lines are equipped with visual inspection systems for 100% dimensional control. In addition, the company's…

Syringe Systems

Gerresheimer manufactures a comprehensive range of pre-fillable syringes solutions, which can be ordered in bulk and ready-to-use formats.

Gerresheimer manufactures a comprehensive range of pre-fillable syringes solutions, which can be ordered in bulk and ready-to-use formats. Sold under leading trademark Gx RTF®, the ready-to-fill (RTF) syringes are washed, siliconised, preassembled and sterilised using ethylene oxide (EO). System components and accessories complete the range, while ensuring ease-of-use and end-user safety. The Gx® Syringes are…


Gerresheimer offers a complete range of vials from 0.6ml to 50ml in size.

Gerresheimer offers a complete range of vials from 0.6ml to 50ml in size. These vials are made according to industry standards and are customisable, available with and without blowback in both the European and American versions. State-of-the-art production process and in-line camera inspection systems ensure high-performance in filling lines and lyophilization processes. Production and packaging…
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Ecodesign: Lightweight, Stable and Resource-Saving

Gerresheimer has set itself the goal of applying sustainability criteria to 100% of new product developments by 2023.
28th April 2021

New Corporate Design Visualises Gerresheimer’s Strategic Orientation

The new corporate design visualises Gerresheimer’s strategic focus on profitable and sustainable growth, innovation, excellence and customer focus.
1st March 2021

Gerresheimer AG extends CEO Dietmar Siemssen’s Contract by Five Years

At its meeting yesterday, the Supervisory Board of Gerresheimer AG extended the contract with CEO Dietmar Siemssen to the end...
18th February 2021

Gerresheimer Presents Strong Fourth Quarter

Gerresheimer AG posted strong growth in the fourth quarter of 2020 and landed inside the target range despite the negative...
18th February 2021

Gerresheimer Receives Sustainability Award from AstraZeneca for 2020

In 2019, Astra Zeneca awarded Gerresheimer Gold Status for its exemplary sustainability for the first time.
4th February 2021

Gerresheimer Develops Test Cartridge and Reagent Block for an Innovative Blood Analyzer

Medical technology specialist Gerresheimer has developed the test cartridge and reagent block for a fully automatic blood analyzer, which can...
3rd February 2021

Gerresheimer Triveni Receives Award for Active Customer Management from the Indian Industry Association CII

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) presented Gerresheimer Triveni with the Customer Obsession Award in December 2020.
2nd February 2021

Gerresheimer builds a new production plant for plastic containers in India

With Triveni Polymers Pvt. Ltd. in Kundli, Gerresheimer has already been well-positioned in India for many years.
6th January 2021

Metal-Free Glass Syringes for Biotechnologically Manufactured Active Ingredients with Patented Innovative Production Technology

Gerresheimer Biological Solutions offers a special metal-free manufactured syringe which is produced with a patented innovative production technology for these...
1st December 2020

More Space for the Small Batch Production of Plastics

Gerresheimer is expanding the production area for Small Batch Production of plastics in Wackersdorf.
24th November 2020

Live at the CPhI China: Gerresheimer Presents Innovative Special Products for the Packaging and Administration Of Medicines

One of the most important events for pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery in Asia is CPhI China. It will take...
16th November 2020

Gerresheimer Mould Making in China Certified

Medical technology specialist expands its range of services in Asia.
28th October 2020

Gerresheimer Producing US Type Containers and Caps in Europe

The demand for plastic containers and closures in US-type format for the European market is currently increasing at Gerresheimer.
15th October 2020

Gerresheimer on Track for Strong Second Half-Year

Gerresheimer AG delivered profitable growth in its core business in the third quarter of 2020 and confirmed its guidance for...
13th October 2020

Gerresheimer Signs Agreement for €325m Promissory Loan

Gerresheimer AG has signed a promissory loan agreement for a total of €325m.
8th October 2020

Gerresheimer Includes Stevanato Group Integrated Twist-off Closure System Solution for Gx RTF Syringes

Gerresheimer will offer its Gx RTF syringes with SG ITC (Integrated Tip Cap) twist-off closure of the Stevanato Group.
6th October 2020

Development and Production of the Respimat® Reuseable Inhaler Housing Module

Gerresheimer has been commissioned by Boehringer Ingelheim with the development and large series production of the housing module for the...
24th September 2020

New laboratory and regulatory services for biotech customers

Gx Biological Solutions offers enhanced services for pharmaceutical primary packaging in the US and in Europe.
21st September 2020

Gerresheimer supplies the primary packaging for dexamethasone

Gerresheimer has been commissioned by a well-known customer to produce plastic containers in which the active ingredient dexamethasone is to...
20th July 2020

Injection vials for vaccines for protection against Covid-19

The vaccines under development to protect against Covid-19 are, like many other drugs, filled in so-called injection or vials made...
2nd July 2020

Gerresheimer supplies PET bottles for urgently needed hand sanitizer

Gerresheimer is currently working flat out to produce a high number of PET bottles so that they can be filled...
11th May 2020

Gerresheimer and FM Plast help Malteser Hilfsdienst by donating bottles and caps for disinfectants

Hand sanitizer is currently a scarce commodity. Malteser Hilfsdienst, a German aid organization, is now feeling the effect of this,...
6th April 2020

Pharmapack 2020: Innovative and Sustainable Packaging Solutions

As a leading specialist in drug packaging and administration, Gerresheimer has been a part of Pharmapack for many years.
3rd February 2020

Gerresheimer at Pharmapack

As a leading provider of speciality pharmaceutical packaging, Gerresheimer also specialises in manufacturing pharmaceutical containers made from type II glass.
9th January 2020

Gerresheimer Increases Plastic Container Production, Opening India Plant

Gerresheimer has been positioned strongly in India for many years through Kundli’s Triveni Polymers Pvt Ltd.
16th December 2019

CPhI India: Gerresheimer Clients Value Child-Resistant Pharma Packaging

Drugs are not intended to fall into the hands of children. However, in case this ever happens, it is essential...
26th November 2019

Gerresheimer at CPhI Worldwide on 5-7 November

The Gx Elite vials and Gx RTF vials will be setting a new standard for type I vials made from...
29th October 2019

Furnace for the Production of Clear-Glass Containers

Gerresheimer in Essen produces many millions of glass containers for the pharmaceutical industry every year. The long-established company has recently...
28th October 2019

Gerresheimer Opens Glass Innovation and Technology Center in the US

Gerresheimer is driving innovation in pharmaceutical glass, primary packaging glass products, technologies and digitised processes.
7th October 2019

Expansion of Gerresheimer’s Gx RTF ClearJect Product Line

The 2.25ml COP (cyclic olefin polymer) SIN (staked in needle) will begin production in September 2019.
2nd September 2019

Sensile Medical Develops Innovative Micro-Infusion Pump for EVER Pharma

Developed by Gerresheimer subsidiary Sensile Medical for EVER Pharma, the D-mine® wearable micro-infusion pump received European CE certification and has been...
19th July 2019

Gerresheimer Showcases Labelling and Printing for Perfume Bottles

Gerresheimer is showcasing impressive effects with labelling and digital printing at CosmeticBusiness in Munich, Germany, and Packaging Première in Milan,...
25th May 2019

Gerresheimer to Present Drug Packaging Solutions at CPhI China

Gerresheimer is presenting its range of new products for safe and secure drug packaging and administration at CPhI China in...
22nd May 2019

Gerresheimer to Launch Packaging Solution for Effervescent Vitamin C Tablets

At FCE Pharma in São Paulo, Gerresheimer will be showcasing a complete solution for packaging effervescent vitamin C tablets, which...
17th May 2019

Integral Style of Glass Packaging

Held on 5-6 June in the MOC congress centre in Munich, Germany, CosmeticBusiness is the one and only meeting place...
16th May 2019

See Gerresheimer at CPhl North America

Gerresheimer has announced it will showcase innovative primary packaging and drug administration systems at CPhl North America.
24th April 2019

Duma Standard Container – Childproof Packaging for Drugs

Gerresheimer will reveal its first snap-on cap with child-resistant (CR) solution at booth B62 at this year’s Pharmapack.
31st January 2019

Portal Instruments and Gerresheimer to Present at Pharmapack

Portal Instruments and Gerresheimer have announced they will be presenting a joint presentation titled: ‘New Meets Old: Challenges and Solutions...
23rd January 2019

Gerresheimer Showcases Digital Drug Delivery Solutions at Pharmapack

In July of this year, Gerresheimer acquired Sensile Medical, expanding its business model to become an original equipment manufacturer (OEM)...
4th December 2018
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